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Thursday, March 2, 2006

Full steam ahead

Oh dear we are now into March………….. Summers officially gone and Autumn began yesterday. We are getting less hours of daylight especially in the mornings - it’s still dark at 6am and getting that way at 8.30 in the evening. Hope it’s a ‘nice’ autumn with mild sunny days, which means I’ll get lots of gardening done before we head off o/s in July. Won’t get much done this month with all the time I’ll be spending up at the Athletes Village but that will be the chance of a lifetime and I don’t care what goes by the board in order to be able to participate. Hopefully I’ll be busy all day, not feel hungry and be happy to eat at the designated times.

Went swimming again this morning and managed to do 8 laps of the big pool without too much huffing and puffing. I have to admit they weren’t continuous one after the other – I had a little play in between some. Treading water in the deep end and lots of walking and jumping up in the shallow end. Tried to remember some of the exercises one of the Healthy Diet Challenge girls had mentioned but the memory failed me. Anyway I certainly felt better this time and hope to make it a regular dip for one morning of the week to take the place of my walk especially when it rains later in the year.

Later on this morning I had to see the Dr for a script review. Family history of Heart Disease means I have had elevated cholesterol and B/P for a while but today I came out feeling all the trials of these past few months have been worthwhile. The B/P was normal and the cholesterol test came back at 4.8 so he kept my dosage the same but wouldn't give in when I suggested leaving off the B/P pills to test my new found stamina. Its hard being vigilant with the diet and all all my favourite creamy and lush things are not on the yes list but it has obviously worked (even with a bad week like the recent horror I wrote about) The cholesterol level has never been that low for years even with the medication.

Exercise, healthy eating, no stress, sounds like an ideal lifestyle doesn't it. Great when it all falls into place but disheartning when it doesn't. So when I weighed myself this morning and the new set of scales told me I was under the dreaded 64kg which have plagued me for ages it felt good as they have come and gone for a while now. I couldn't help smiling all morning at the memory of the 63.8kgs I saw on the dial.

60kgs here I come.

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