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Friday, March 31, 2006

Back to Business again

I finished my task with Melbourne 2006 on Wednesday so life will now resume similar to how it was at the beginning of the March. Sounds corny but I thoroughly enjoyed myself and will have good feelings when I remember all I did and the people I met.

April 1st tomorrow and the seasons really haved changed - going to be 9c here overnight, the sports have changed - bye bye cricket 'cept from overseas - hello to all the codes of football.

The leaves are dropping off trees, pink and blue clumps of Easter Daisies are flowering like crazy and the heads on Sedum Autumn Joy are dark red.....................................so this means Autumn has arrived and even though we will still get some fantabulous sunny days I will soon have to get the woollen blanket out to put on the bed and put away the cotton cellular ones.

I hadn't planned do much yesterday 'cept veg out, so after I had a look round the garden and added to my notes about what to move during the winter I finally managed to get out for a walk.

A little while ago I checked the distance of this particular route in the car, its not a huge distance but an easy walk as its sort of round the block. Our street is bounded by 2 main roads and if I go up one of them, use a particular street to get to the other and then come home its a distance of 2.8kms. I can reverse the direction I take and go the other way or walk various streets in the middle and change it about a bit so I don't get fed up.
Some days I have walked the 'boundary' twice making it a substantial (for me) 5kms and as we live in the foothills of the Dandenongs these roads are not level so I do get a bit of an aerobic workout at the same time. I prefer doing this to going round the local golf course or walking round a nearby lake.

It was late today when I started out to walk and even tho' it wasn't cold the skies were grey and wet looking so for the first time in ages I took the brolly along. Got as far as the corner up the top of the main road and the heavens opened. That corner is actually the 1km mark so I turned around and headed downhill for home with the brolly sort of keeping me dry making it 2km for the day. I really hope we have a wet Winter as the ground is so dry and as I scooted under the deck when I got home I'm sure I heard the garden said thank you even tho' I wasn't too impressed.

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