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Friday, March 31, 2006

Back to Business again

I finished my task with Melbourne 2006 on Wednesday so life will now resume similar to how it was at the beginning of the March. Sounds corny but I thoroughly enjoyed myself and will have good feelings when I remember all I did and the people I met.

April 1st tomorrow and the seasons really haved changed - going to be 9c here overnight, the sports have changed - bye bye cricket 'cept from overseas - hello to all the codes of football.

The leaves are dropping off trees, pink and blue clumps of Easter Daisies are flowering like crazy and the heads on Sedum Autumn Joy are dark red.....................................so this means Autumn has arrived and even though we will still get some fantabulous sunny days I will soon have to get the woollen blanket out to put on the bed and put away the cotton cellular ones.

I hadn't planned do much yesterday 'cept veg out, so after I had a look round the garden and added to my notes about what to move during the winter I finally managed to get out for a walk.

A little while ago I checked the distance of this particular route in the car, its not a huge distance but an easy walk as its sort of round the block. Our street is bounded by 2 main roads and if I go up one of them, use a particular street to get to the other and then come home its a distance of 2.8kms. I can reverse the direction I take and go the other way or walk various streets in the middle and change it about a bit so I don't get fed up.
Some days I have walked the 'boundary' twice making it a substantial (for me) 5kms and as we live in the foothills of the Dandenongs these roads are not level so I do get a bit of an aerobic workout at the same time. I prefer doing this to going round the local golf course or walking round a nearby lake.

It was late today when I started out to walk and even tho' it wasn't cold the skies were grey and wet looking so for the first time in ages I took the brolly along. Got as far as the corner up the top of the main road and the heavens opened. That corner is actually the 1km mark so I turned around and headed downhill for home with the brolly sort of keeping me dry making it 2km for the day. I really hope we have a wet Winter as the ground is so dry and as I scooted under the deck when I got home I'm sure I heard the garden said thank you even tho' I wasn't too impressed.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Putting on a show

The feel and look of Melbourne is good at the moment.

Yesterday I took my turn at Federation Square welcoming visitors onto the Village Shuttle service and was so taken by the amount of people out and about.

Had a little break and was able to wander round the Square, nearly got crushed in the crowd. There is so much FREE stuff going on there and around the city for the next 2 weeks - there was an aboriginal market area showcasing lifestyle and crafts as well as other displays and live shows and with the Museum next door as well its anoying to not have it available all year round

Tried to get a glimpse of whoever was doing the afternoon shift on 77.4 but the crowd was so deep I couldn't get a look in. As well as the crowd in Fed Square the outside of Flinders St station and St Paul's Catherdral was packed with people listening to the group playing by the church as well as deciding which way they had to go to reach different venues. It was windy and a bit chilly part of the time but that didn't seem to bother anyone at all especially the kids by the thousand and their frazzled carers ( parents, grandparents or whoever). Lots of noise, smiles and laughter, had a great time and hope I'm on the Fed Square roster again next week.

No official exercise as I was very late home Thursday night and out again at 11am Friday but I did watch some of the sports on screens around the place and some of the swimming in the dining room during my meal break so maybe that counts!! I wish :))

Today it is sunny here in the Eastern suburbs so hopefully after I take the cats up to the cattery (I have got a lot of late shifts over the next 2 weeks and its going to make it easier and less stressfull if I don't have to worry about them) I will be able to get a long walk in.

With so much to do and not needing any stress I haven't weighed myself this week but feel healthy and not blah so maybe thats a good sign.

Well I'm off to see how the Triathlon is going. Heard someone came a cropper off their bike a short time ago, hope they weren't hurt.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Note to Self

Because sponsors are providing Ice Cream - Chocolate Bars - Potato Chips for the Volunteers at the Village and there are also pastries available ..............it does not mean that you have to eat them!!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Would I fit in if I went back to work?

I'm not sure why the thoughts I had last night didn't get published but only the title is there.

I thought about all the people I am working with in my area at the village and realised some of them would drive me nuts if I had to work alongside them permamently. Then I wondered if it was me and whether I was set in my ways having worked on my own or in a small office environment for most of my working life.

There definitely are some strange pedantic people out there and I wonder how they got on with their work colleagues during their working life.

Maybe they drove them nuts as well :)).

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Hot Sunday in Melbourne

This is the two of us in what the Melbourne Press are describing as Smurf suits. There are thousands of us running around the city and environs having fun 'volunteering'.

Today Sunday has been HOT and very windy and not a comfortable day out at the Village. With it being a Fire Ban Day and having a Northerly blowing its been hard to reassure guests that they will enjoy their visit. Hopefully their hosts took them to the Dining room to cool off for part of the time - its airconditioned in there - and allow them to recuperate.

Loads of extra security today.................we had a visit from Mr Howard who just popped in to say hello and have a look see. Wonder if Her Majesty will be along when she is in town?

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Where did the week go?

Well, its been quite a while since a week has passed by as quickly as this last one. All I seem to have done is travel, smile at people, travel and then sleep.

Life in the Athletes Village at Parkville is becoming more hectic each day as teams are arriving along with their officials. I am slowly getting to recognise some of the team colours and their outfits - even a few large as life characters attached to teams - so can say Hello and know where some of them are from. Its a good job they have the country names on the back as I'm not sure if I'll get to remember all 71 team colours when they have all arrived:)

There are lots of visitors passing through the area where I am working - am having a lot of contact with what we would possibly call the general public (guests of the athletes and officials and Village Management) - not the VIPs tho - they are ushered into the lounge next to ours. Its got carpet on the floor and not vinyl!!

I have regained all that feeling of confidence and corny as it may sound 'worth' that I had whilst I was working and is sort of taken away when you retire and are asked what you do. Why does it seem as tho people lose interest when you describe your daily life and they realise its not a working for cash life.

I am so glad I lost weight over the past year as I would be exhausted if I was carrying those extra kilos now and these volunteer uniforms are nice but not the most flattering to the larger sized bodies. Trying to fit exercise in this week has been a hassle but I did manage to walk twice and found time to do one pump class but with all the walking I am doing around the Village I'm not worrying too much. Have steered clear of some of the food choices provided for us - there were meat pies available one day much to the delight of some of the men who were complaining about 'pouffy food' - mostly I have been good and chosen from the healthy stuff, lots of steamed veggies and different salads, diet yogurts and fruit and water by the gallon. I haven't needed to eat at home cept for my lovely filling porridge breakfast in the morning or a small sandwich at night.

So I must have been doing something right as my scales this morning said.........wait for it.........62.8kgs

Thursday, March 2, 2006

Full steam ahead

Oh dear we are now into March………….. Summers officially gone and Autumn began yesterday. We are getting less hours of daylight especially in the mornings - it’s still dark at 6am and getting that way at 8.30 in the evening. Hope it’s a ‘nice’ autumn with mild sunny days, which means I’ll get lots of gardening done before we head off o/s in July. Won’t get much done this month with all the time I’ll be spending up at the Athletes Village but that will be the chance of a lifetime and I don’t care what goes by the board in order to be able to participate. Hopefully I’ll be busy all day, not feel hungry and be happy to eat at the designated times.

Went swimming again this morning and managed to do 8 laps of the big pool without too much huffing and puffing. I have to admit they weren’t continuous one after the other – I had a little play in between some. Treading water in the deep end and lots of walking and jumping up in the shallow end. Tried to remember some of the exercises one of the Healthy Diet Challenge girls had mentioned but the memory failed me. Anyway I certainly felt better this time and hope to make it a regular dip for one morning of the week to take the place of my walk especially when it rains later in the year.

Later on this morning I had to see the Dr for a script review. Family history of Heart Disease means I have had elevated cholesterol and B/P for a while but today I came out feeling all the trials of these past few months have been worthwhile. The B/P was normal and the cholesterol test came back at 4.8 so he kept my dosage the same but wouldn't give in when I suggested leaving off the B/P pills to test my new found stamina. Its hard being vigilant with the diet and all all my favourite creamy and lush things are not on the yes list but it has obviously worked (even with a bad week like the recent horror I wrote about) The cholesterol level has never been that low for years even with the medication.

Exercise, healthy eating, no stress, sounds like an ideal lifestyle doesn't it. Great when it all falls into place but disheartning when it doesn't. So when I weighed myself this morning and the new set of scales told me I was under the dreaded 64kg which have plagued me for ages it felt good as they have come and gone for a while now. I couldn't help smiling all morning at the memory of the 63.8kgs I saw on the dial.

60kgs here I come.