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Friday, February 24, 2006

This was the week that never was

If you don’t take action….There is no place for victory to go. By Mark Jarvis

Now that comment could relate to the week I've just had. No action took place in my body at all - I am not sure what happened but apart from Monday I did not exercise at all. I thought about it lots of time but always found other things that just had to be done right there and then.

I decided over the last weekend to do something different instead of walking so rocked up to the local indoor pool first thing Monday morning. Well, the place was full of like minded oldies doing their laps and exercises in the shallow end. Needless to say I wasn't too fussed about exposing my body and all its rolly polly bits to people who all looked the same as me.

Into the water I go and after playing around (read get used to cool water) for a bit decided to try a lap. I'll tell you what, its a heck of along way from one end to the other when you haven't swum for several years:) Half an hour later I'd had enough and went home, not puffing and panting but close to it.

Had planned to go to a class at the gym later that afternoon but didn't get there in time and it was full so thought I'd have a saunter on the treadmill seeing as how I'd not walked in the morning. Toodled along for a while and thought I'd up the speed a bit and next thing I know the feet are moving really quickly and I'm jogging. Not sure who was more surprised - me or the machine - had a few more bursts of energy over the half hour and got off feeling quite pleased with myself. I weighed that day and was relatively happy with the result so what happened next has sabotaged things for a while.

That unfortunately was it for the week - with the lack of exercise and the really crap food I ate theres no wonder I feel quite BLAH (and bloated) today. Lunchtime today I sort of came to my senses when I realised I was half way through a 200gm bag of Smith's Chips left over from Christmas that had been lurking in the cupboard. I don't know why I opened them but I did and was enjoying them when I stoppped and realised how stupid I was. Tossed the packet in the bin as fast as I could.

Victory for me will be when I reach my goal weight and having an off week isn't going to help.

Hopefully there wan't be another one for a while.

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