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Saturday, February 4, 2006

Shopping observations

Well the seasons are a changing as it looks as though the stores are bringing in their cooler weight clothing. I love the Winter into Spring change 'cose it has thoughts of lovely lazy summer days........the only problem being when I try to struggle out of winter clothing in the small confines of a changing room with those awful mirrors that show up - well we all know what they show up........but this one Summer into Autumn is the one I don't like to see happening because it reminds me that the long summer days are not going to last forever. And of course theres something ridiculous about trying on thick clothing when its warm outside.

This time last year I would not have been a happy chappy trying on what to me were very large sizes and because I am short trying to fathom out how to turn up hems without spoiling the look of the garment but hopefully this year after having lost some excess baggage I won't be so dispirited.

Life has got in the way recently and I only managed a quick walk on a couple of days and a trip to the gym this morning for a pump class. The gym is back to its proper timetable so we begin again with renewed enthusiasm, they have a new class starting called Body Jam which I might have a go at. Just need to find out what its all about first.

Last year I thought I'd have a go at something new so chose cycling classes that were included in my gym membership but after my first 'ride' and encounter with the instructor decided I preferred to kill myself in more pleasant ways and not have a sore bum doing it either!:)

You must begin to think of yourself as becoming the person you want to be. - David Viscott

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