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Friday, February 10, 2006

The effect of weather on weight loss

In some parts of the world people put away their 'off season' clothing. They wear winter clothes in winter and summer clothes in summer and others as needed....... but not here in Melbourne. I may have said it before but you really do have to enjoy Melbourne to put up with it's weather.

Was it only the other day we were saying how hot it was?
Today like yesterday its raining, real rain, there were some storms but its been on and off rain, not heavy but not having to water the garden rain, . Yea, hooray we say, thats great but its also cool, for me its Cold, track suit and windcheater cold. We all know trackie dacks and windcheaters are loose, comfortable and reassuring. With them on I am not being reminded that a lot of my clothes are too tight for comfort. I need to be reminded and seeing that good clothing in the wardrobe is one impetus for me to lose some more of these extra kilos and get out with my brolly and do the walk in the rain. Funny tho' there weren't many others going round the golf course at the same time!!

Its been a busy week, business is back to normal and I have spent more time with Team Melbourne, only 33 days now to the Opening Ceremony. My games time volunteer role starts well in advance of that so I need to get my house in order soon, doing as much planning (and cooking and freezing) as I can for that time. I will need to eat properly and keep the body healthy and not resort to Take Aways on the way home. Still wondering about exercise during March so will have to try for short walks as often as possible and pick my gym sessions at short notice but thats a bridge to be crossed when it turns up.

Like this quote:

"So many dreams at first seem impossible. And then they seem improbable. And then when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable". Christopher Reeve

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  1. LOL...alot of my relatives live at Bendigo and afew in Melbourne and they are always complaining about the weather. So glad I am here in QLD. Hope your well Cathy!!


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