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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Where did the week go

We won't say what Melbournes been like this past week ------but I will say its been HOT.

""B.......................HOT"" and very humid these past few days also.

In years gone by I would have revelled in these conditions but this week I have not walked or been to the gym, I was reluctant to even go outside cept to put things in the bin and give the toms a cursory watering. Decided after a couple of days with the hose I would fill the bucket and just drown them, turned the soil a bit and put down another layer of mulch at the top of the tubs so the water got right into the soil and didn't evaporate too quickly. Felt quite clever as I rigged up some shade cloth around a frame to stop them scorching and the soil from drying out as they are in a hot spot in direct sun, which is what is needed but not to the extent we have had this week.

I only put in 2 plants this year as you know what can happen, its either a feast or a famine and I have to give away or try to make things out of the fruits.

So this year they are coming along at a gentle pace, loads of fruit on the bushes ripening at a good pace and there aren't too many hanging around indoors waiting to be used. The difference in home grown Toms and shop bought ones is so noticeable, its the smell and the texture that are the give away.

One of our daughters has cucumbers coming out of her ears wherever she goes she 'gifts' to unsuspecting people. They are the little apple ones which are nice for a change from the long green ones. I do remember we had the same problem when we grew them years ago.

Well even tho I said I didn't go out we (husband and I) did have to go to the City on Australia Day as along with 70 other Team Melbourne volunteers we took part in the March down Swanston Street. It was great to be there with all those other community groups and to see the people standing at the road side as well as all the dignitaries who gave us a clap outside the Town Hall and as its a fair hike from Lonsdale Street all the way down over the bridge and into (I think) Batman Avenue you could say I got my walk in that day!! Did get a couple of blisters on my heels so will have to sort those shoes out before I wear them again.

I am glad the rain fell in fire ravaged areas and hope there is more relief over this week end for those volunteer firefighters who do such a good job.

Nearly 9.30 am so if I finish quickly I may be able to get down the road to the Leisure Centre and take part in a Pump Class. I have missed it so with school back next week it will be back to normal again thank goodness.

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  1. Yes...haven't the fire in Vic been dreadful..seen it all on the news. Some much needed rain would be good. It's so hard to get motivated in the heat, isn't it. We're been lucky it's only been about 28 - 31 degrees here in QLD the past couple of days.


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