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Monday, January 16, 2006

Reds back

Such a pleasure this morning to wake up to Red on the old 3LO - I must have become a creature of habit as listening to those awful Could of Beens and that female called Tracy over the past few weeks certainly hasn't been a pleasure. Tried out some other stations but not the same.:(

Weigh in this morning revealed a round number..........how long will it be before I get to the magic figure of 60kg?

Getting out for a walk and also doing the pump class really fired me up on Saturday so I'll be out again as soon as I finish this, its still cool outside and will be refreshing. Checked out the gym classes but with all I have planned for today its most likely going to be THT this evening or time in the gym proper this afternoon. Will think about it while pounding the pavement.

I would have walked yesterday but had to be at the station early yesterday for g/daughters birthday trip to the circus. When I think of it I guess I had my 'walk' battling our way along the freezing windblown front at Docklands!! How they expect that place to become a tourist attraction I'll never know, give me the riverfront any time.

Well must away, lots to do. They is talk of rain - that will certainly do the garden good.


  1. Sounds like your going great, Cathy. With all your walks and pump class!! Good on you!:) Love that paragraph below...IT'S SO TRUE!!

  2. Hi Cathy. Found you via Violet's blog. Welcome to blogging and good luck with your healthy living.


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