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Friday, January 20, 2006

Hot days and nights

Phew, its been warm the past few days which has mean't very early walks or I'm cooked for the rest of the day. I have managed to get a walk in 3 days out of the past 4 which is good as even though I enjoy the time once I'm up the path and on my way, its the getting out the door which can be a problem. Theres always something I find to do, like putting on a load of washing or making the bed. Just little things which I know are all delay tactics but seem to be so important right there and then. Funny but when I decide to go to the gym I'm out the door in plenty of time and theres no hanging around 'cos I know there are limited places in the classes....maybe I should tell myself there is limited time to walk and I'd get going sooner?

Have discovered I need to use my puffer before going out on the days when the air is heavy or I seem to be coughing and feeling tight in the chest at the first rise in the road. Going home to use it is fatal as I have a drink and then think, oh blow it can't be bothered now, which is what happened on the 4th day.

Also can't make up my mind about eating before I go or leaving it till I get back. Always have a drink and do feel better if I have something light like toast first and then real breakfast after I get home but its almost like having 2 meals and 'not quite right'. I suppose if thats all I have to worry about life can't be that bad can it:)

Had another set of grandchildren around earlier in the week and enjoyed that, we had a long chat about the books they were reading so I treated them to a book as a gift when we went shopping. I had also agreeed to mind another one the next day and she is a real sweetie and we have fun together but didn't mind when the others tagged along on out trip to the local pictures. School hols means I get to see all the latest kids movies - this year my opinion is Chicken Little is better than Valiant.

Going to be hot again tomorrow so must go and fill water bottles so they are on hand for both me and the husband.

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