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Friday, January 13, 2006

Grandmotherly Love

Yes, I know I object to doing it but all this week I have been grandchildren sitting. Feeling quite weary today and relented and treated myself to a small bar of chocolate:)

We have one set who live on the other side of the city which means we don't get to see them as frequently as all the others. Another thing about this family is that the parents (my son and his partner) are also separated and the Mother works so thats another reason their visits aren't as frequent.....................each school hols the two of them come over here to stay with Grandma and Grandad for several days and each time I say 'Never again" as they are quite a handful. Well somehow or another a change has come over them and it was a pleasant stay. No silliness, no backchat, no fighting between the two of them, such a pleasure.

Also had another grandaughter to look after as well yesterday so took them all to the Zoo. My reasoning was we would then be over half way home for the western two and if I could coax them along until 2pm their Mother would be home from work and we could leave the Zoo early and have them at their house by 3pm at the latest. Once again they were little angels and we left the Zoo when they chucked us out at 5pm. Mind you when they walked in the door of their home they both went beserk - their cousin was flabbergasted but Grandma wasn't bothered as their Mum was there to take control.

Last week I decided to clean out some cupboards and drawers -- I thought if I could remove some of the household stuff thats never used I would then feel less stressed with the state of the house -- which really isn't that bad but has lots of unused things here and there 'cluttering' up cupboards and drawers. I was quite ruthless in deciding what went and what stayed and was so pleased with the end result I may get into the craft supplies hiding in my geriatric glory box for more years than I can remember and certainly won't ever be used.

Going to have whinge now.

So much for good intentions when it comes to weight control. I have been very lax with my regular morning walk , only going out maybe 2 or 3 times in the past 12 days and the shorter hours at the gym are making it hard to get into a class. With all the hot weather we had around the end of the year I spent lots of time inside the house and now I seemed to have lost the desire to go outside. It is just so hard to get up in the morning and go - and certainly once the day has begun properly theres no way I would have the time. I had begun to weigh myself each day and even that seems to have gone by the board, I just get the feeling its not really going to matter one way or the other so must get a bit of oomph back into my life. Its a very similar feeling to the middle of the winter one I get if I haven't been out side for a while so obviously .............................I need the fresh air and sunshine to survive.

Lets hope this is just temporary and life will be back to normal soon

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