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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Funny what you think about while walking

Funny what you think about while walking.

Early last year my doctor said I was overweight and as I replay that visit in my mind I wonder how people actually saw me at that time - was I chubby, plump or did I actually look fat? I know at the time I didn't want to look like those descriptions and was most put out when he actually said with a height of 157cms 74kgs was not a good look. His reasons for concern were raised BP and hip pain I had complained about. Since some of the kilos have come off over the past few months the hip pain has vanished which is a good thing as at one time I couldn't walk up any stairs and much to my annoyance had to use lifts or escalators to get around large shopping centres, multi-story buildings and car parks .

Anyway today I went on to think about What DO I want to look like and How would I like others to see me.

I know I don't want to be 'skinny' or 'thin' as that is not a good look especially on an older person. Have to admit I don't admit to being 63 very often, I have no idea what a 63yr old is supposed to feel or do so I just live my life the same as before cept that at the moment there is a bit of an emphasis on food and exercise.

Anyway back to body shape, my body shape. I think I would like to look trim (sort of slim with shape) but trim seems to imply toned and thats what I'd like to be. Having a shaped body would be great and if there are no fatty bits flopping around it would be even better. Maybe toned would be a good thing and I can achieve that by continuing with the pump classes and using the gym equiment as well as walking for the fun of it. Half hour exercise a day and all that.

My one recurring thought is will I be satisfied when I have lost kilos and am down to the suggested goal weight or will I be greedy and want more? That would mean I could go off for those 2 months with more space to play with!!

Time will tell I suppose

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