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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Feeling Good

Yesterdays blues seem to have blown away.........................................its amazing what good nights sleep can do for a person..........................that and not having little ones to look after.

Went out really early this morning, walked for about 3/4 hour and didn't puff once! Even made it up the hilly roads without stopping so I think some progress has been made. My weight is down by 5oogms as well, not a lot I know but as someone on the forum said, little amounts grow into large amounts and the big figure will come down to a little figure. I may even try a pump class later this morning now I am feeling reinvigorated. Just have to get there before the rest of them and they close the fitness room door because all the places have been filled.

Must go, just thought I'd record how I felt. This is the way I am supposed to be.

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