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Monday, January 30, 2006

Deep thinking

The torrential monsoonlike storm on Sunday evening cooled the air beautifully and made me realise that even the most awful uncomfortable things come to an end sometime.

I remember years ago Oprah used to have a segment about her grateful book (I think thats what it was called) and several things have happened to make me wish I had a grateful book.

I am grateful for friends (locally and overseas) who tell it as it is and make me realise there is more to life than worrying about what I weigh....yes thinking about that is occupying a lot of my time at the moment but if I keep up the exercise and eat sensibly I will lose the excess weight in time.

I am grateful my 11 grandchildren have the love of my children ( their parents) to direct and encourage them in all stages of their education.

Here in Victoria 43,000 little anklebiters aged 5 or 6 started school for the first time today - one school even has six sets of twins enrolled and in the same class room as well!! - the Prep year is their next step in learning about life and education.

Today I was grateful for the friendship that has evolved in a group of volunteers associated with a bereavement group I help to co-ordinate.

We did not know till today that Sundays rain had flooded the premises we use so with just 2 of us at the beginning of the day the clean up began. With nothing planned we thought it would be a long day but by chance others dropped by and shared the load.

Life is good at the moment

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