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Saturday, January 7, 2006

Day 1 Beginning of New Me

Start of a new year and all that it entails means thinking about what I hope to achieve. As usual learning or doing something new was on the list so this is it. Rather than in an exercise book my journal for 2006 will be in the form of an online blog, it means as well as text I can add photos and maybe links to site I like. That is definitley something new.

My first thought was to loose more weight but what I really mean't was to become a new me. Retirement last year brought a change in routines and establishing a different way of life which was difficult to begin with, family thought I would be a handy babysitter for after school care and sick days so it took a bit of tact letting them know otherwise. Also Husband - who had finished working the year before - had to learn that I resented the questioning everytime I picked up my car keys. Slowly we have worked through that!!

So here we are January 2006 - my commitments to Team Melbourne M2006 (Commonwealth Games) organising continue weekly and will cummulate in Games Time during March. Won't reveal my workplace 'cept to say I am happy with my assigment and will be busy for the whole month which means I won't have time to eat junky stuff.

Getting to my goal weight will be an ongoing task, from being 74kg in June I am now at 68kg. Going down slowly but surely this time I hope - 60kg here we come.

July this year we'll be off overseas again for 8 weeks and I know that this time I am going to have be very strong when visiting rellies and friends as they seem to think we don't eat down here and prepare feasts worthy of the prodigal sons return. :) I always come back like two ton tessie and regret it for months after.

Thats it for today

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