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Monday, January 30, 2006

Deep thinking

The torrential monsoonlike storm on Sunday evening cooled the air beautifully and made me realise that even the most awful uncomfortable things come to an end sometime.

I remember years ago Oprah used to have a segment about her grateful book (I think thats what it was called) and several things have happened to make me wish I had a grateful book.

I am grateful for friends (locally and overseas) who tell it as it is and make me realise there is more to life than worrying about what I weigh....yes thinking about that is occupying a lot of my time at the moment but if I keep up the exercise and eat sensibly I will lose the excess weight in time.

I am grateful my 11 grandchildren have the love of my children ( their parents) to direct and encourage them in all stages of their education.

Here in Victoria 43,000 little anklebiters aged 5 or 6 started school for the first time today - one school even has six sets of twins enrolled and in the same class room as well!! - the Prep year is their next step in learning about life and education.

Today I was grateful for the friendship that has evolved in a group of volunteers associated with a bereavement group I help to co-ordinate.

We did not know till today that Sundays rain had flooded the premises we use so with just 2 of us at the beginning of the day the clean up began. With nothing planned we thought it would be a long day but by chance others dropped by and shared the load.

Life is good at the moment

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Where did the week go

We won't say what Melbournes been like this past week ------but I will say its been HOT.

""B.......................HOT"" and very humid these past few days also.

In years gone by I would have revelled in these conditions but this week I have not walked or been to the gym, I was reluctant to even go outside cept to put things in the bin and give the toms a cursory watering. Decided after a couple of days with the hose I would fill the bucket and just drown them, turned the soil a bit and put down another layer of mulch at the top of the tubs so the water got right into the soil and didn't evaporate too quickly. Felt quite clever as I rigged up some shade cloth around a frame to stop them scorching and the soil from drying out as they are in a hot spot in direct sun, which is what is needed but not to the extent we have had this week.

I only put in 2 plants this year as you know what can happen, its either a feast or a famine and I have to give away or try to make things out of the fruits.

So this year they are coming along at a gentle pace, loads of fruit on the bushes ripening at a good pace and there aren't too many hanging around indoors waiting to be used. The difference in home grown Toms and shop bought ones is so noticeable, its the smell and the texture that are the give away.

One of our daughters has cucumbers coming out of her ears wherever she goes she 'gifts' to unsuspecting people. They are the little apple ones which are nice for a change from the long green ones. I do remember we had the same problem when we grew them years ago.

Well even tho I said I didn't go out we (husband and I) did have to go to the City on Australia Day as along with 70 other Team Melbourne volunteers we took part in the March down Swanston Street. It was great to be there with all those other community groups and to see the people standing at the road side as well as all the dignitaries who gave us a clap outside the Town Hall and as its a fair hike from Lonsdale Street all the way down over the bridge and into (I think) Batman Avenue you could say I got my walk in that day!! Did get a couple of blisters on my heels so will have to sort those shoes out before I wear them again.

I am glad the rain fell in fire ravaged areas and hope there is more relief over this week end for those volunteer firefighters who do such a good job.

Nearly 9.30 am so if I finish quickly I may be able to get down the road to the Leisure Centre and take part in a Pump Class. I have missed it so with school back next week it will be back to normal again thank goodness.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Funny what you think about while walking

Funny what you think about while walking.

Early last year my doctor said I was overweight and as I replay that visit in my mind I wonder how people actually saw me at that time - was I chubby, plump or did I actually look fat? I know at the time I didn't want to look like those descriptions and was most put out when he actually said with a height of 157cms 74kgs was not a good look. His reasons for concern were raised BP and hip pain I had complained about. Since some of the kilos have come off over the past few months the hip pain has vanished which is a good thing as at one time I couldn't walk up any stairs and much to my annoyance had to use lifts or escalators to get around large shopping centres, multi-story buildings and car parks .

Anyway today I went on to think about What DO I want to look like and How would I like others to see me.

I know I don't want to be 'skinny' or 'thin' as that is not a good look especially on an older person. Have to admit I don't admit to being 63 very often, I have no idea what a 63yr old is supposed to feel or do so I just live my life the same as before cept that at the moment there is a bit of an emphasis on food and exercise.

Anyway back to body shape, my body shape. I think I would like to look trim (sort of slim with shape) but trim seems to imply toned and thats what I'd like to be. Having a shaped body would be great and if there are no fatty bits flopping around it would be even better. Maybe toned would be a good thing and I can achieve that by continuing with the pump classes and using the gym equiment as well as walking for the fun of it. Half hour exercise a day and all that.

My one recurring thought is will I be satisfied when I have lost kilos and am down to the suggested goal weight or will I be greedy and want more? That would mean I could go off for those 2 months with more space to play with!!

Time will tell I suppose

Friday, January 20, 2006

Hot days and nights

Phew, its been warm the past few days which has mean't very early walks or I'm cooked for the rest of the day. I have managed to get a walk in 3 days out of the past 4 which is good as even though I enjoy the time once I'm up the path and on my way, its the getting out the door which can be a problem. Theres always something I find to do, like putting on a load of washing or making the bed. Just little things which I know are all delay tactics but seem to be so important right there and then. Funny but when I decide to go to the gym I'm out the door in plenty of time and theres no hanging around 'cos I know there are limited places in the classes....maybe I should tell myself there is limited time to walk and I'd get going sooner?

Have discovered I need to use my puffer before going out on the days when the air is heavy or I seem to be coughing and feeling tight in the chest at the first rise in the road. Going home to use it is fatal as I have a drink and then think, oh blow it can't be bothered now, which is what happened on the 4th day.

Also can't make up my mind about eating before I go or leaving it till I get back. Always have a drink and do feel better if I have something light like toast first and then real breakfast after I get home but its almost like having 2 meals and 'not quite right'. I suppose if thats all I have to worry about life can't be that bad can it:)

Had another set of grandchildren around earlier in the week and enjoyed that, we had a long chat about the books they were reading so I treated them to a book as a gift when we went shopping. I had also agreeed to mind another one the next day and she is a real sweetie and we have fun together but didn't mind when the others tagged along on out trip to the local pictures. School hols means I get to see all the latest kids movies - this year my opinion is Chicken Little is better than Valiant.

Going to be hot again tomorrow so must go and fill water bottles so they are on hand for both me and the husband.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Reds back

Such a pleasure this morning to wake up to Red on the old 3LO - I must have become a creature of habit as listening to those awful Could of Beens and that female called Tracy over the past few weeks certainly hasn't been a pleasure. Tried out some other stations but not the same.:(

Weigh in this morning revealed a round number..........how long will it be before I get to the magic figure of 60kg?

Getting out for a walk and also doing the pump class really fired me up on Saturday so I'll be out again as soon as I finish this, its still cool outside and will be refreshing. Checked out the gym classes but with all I have planned for today its most likely going to be THT this evening or time in the gym proper this afternoon. Will think about it while pounding the pavement.

I would have walked yesterday but had to be at the station early yesterday for g/daughters birthday trip to the circus. When I think of it I guess I had my 'walk' battling our way along the freezing windblown front at Docklands!! How they expect that place to become a tourist attraction I'll never know, give me the riverfront any time.

Well must away, lots to do. They is talk of rain - that will certainly do the garden good.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Maybe I should take heed of this

Just wanted to add this small paragraph I found this morning.

Snapping out of it

Procrastination is really nothing more than confined thinking. All you see is the tiny little box you are trapped in, and all you can think about is how to escape. But in reality, you are already free. Free to work on your life's dreams, free to plan, free to achieve. The trick to overcoming procrastination is to look to the horizon of your life (your dreams), travel there, and enjoy the journey along the way. Focus on that always, and procrastination fades away like an early morning fog.

Feeling Good

Yesterdays blues seem to have blown away.........................................its amazing what good nights sleep can do for a person..........................that and not having little ones to look after.

Went out really early this morning, walked for about 3/4 hour and didn't puff once! Even made it up the hilly roads without stopping so I think some progress has been made. My weight is down by 5oogms as well, not a lot I know but as someone on the forum said, little amounts grow into large amounts and the big figure will come down to a little figure. I may even try a pump class later this morning now I am feeling reinvigorated. Just have to get there before the rest of them and they close the fitness room door because all the places have been filled.

Must go, just thought I'd record how I felt. This is the way I am supposed to be.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Grandmotherly Love

Yes, I know I object to doing it but all this week I have been grandchildren sitting. Feeling quite weary today and relented and treated myself to a small bar of chocolate:)

We have one set who live on the other side of the city which means we don't get to see them as frequently as all the others. Another thing about this family is that the parents (my son and his partner) are also separated and the Mother works so thats another reason their visits aren't as frequent.....................each school hols the two of them come over here to stay with Grandma and Grandad for several days and each time I say 'Never again" as they are quite a handful. Well somehow or another a change has come over them and it was a pleasant stay. No silliness, no backchat, no fighting between the two of them, such a pleasure.

Also had another grandaughter to look after as well yesterday so took them all to the Zoo. My reasoning was we would then be over half way home for the western two and if I could coax them along until 2pm their Mother would be home from work and we could leave the Zoo early and have them at their house by 3pm at the latest. Once again they were little angels and we left the Zoo when they chucked us out at 5pm. Mind you when they walked in the door of their home they both went beserk - their cousin was flabbergasted but Grandma wasn't bothered as their Mum was there to take control.

Last week I decided to clean out some cupboards and drawers -- I thought if I could remove some of the household stuff thats never used I would then feel less stressed with the state of the house -- which really isn't that bad but has lots of unused things here and there 'cluttering' up cupboards and drawers. I was quite ruthless in deciding what went and what stayed and was so pleased with the end result I may get into the craft supplies hiding in my geriatric glory box for more years than I can remember and certainly won't ever be used.

Going to have whinge now.

So much for good intentions when it comes to weight control. I have been very lax with my regular morning walk , only going out maybe 2 or 3 times in the past 12 days and the shorter hours at the gym are making it hard to get into a class. With all the hot weather we had around the end of the year I spent lots of time inside the house and now I seemed to have lost the desire to go outside. It is just so hard to get up in the morning and go - and certainly once the day has begun properly theres no way I would have the time. I had begun to weigh myself each day and even that seems to have gone by the board, I just get the feeling its not really going to matter one way or the other so must get a bit of oomph back into my life. Its a very similar feeling to the middle of the winter one I get if I haven't been out side for a while so obviously .............................I need the fresh air and sunshine to survive.

Lets hope this is just temporary and life will be back to normal soon

Saturday, January 7, 2006

Day 1 Beginning of New Me

Start of a new year and all that it entails means thinking about what I hope to achieve. As usual learning or doing something new was on the list so this is it. Rather than in an exercise book my journal for 2006 will be in the form of an online blog, it means as well as text I can add photos and maybe links to site I like. That is definitley something new.

My first thought was to loose more weight but what I really mean't was to become a new me. Retirement last year brought a change in routines and establishing a different way of life which was difficult to begin with, family thought I would be a handy babysitter for after school care and sick days so it took a bit of tact letting them know otherwise. Also Husband - who had finished working the year before - had to learn that I resented the questioning everytime I picked up my car keys. Slowly we have worked through that!!

So here we are January 2006 - my commitments to Team Melbourne M2006 (Commonwealth Games) organising continue weekly and will cummulate in Games Time during March. Won't reveal my workplace 'cept to say I am happy with my assigment and will be busy for the whole month which means I won't have time to eat junky stuff.

Getting to my goal weight will be an ongoing task, from being 74kg in June I am now at 68kg. Going down slowly but surely this time I hope - 60kg here we come.

July this year we'll be off overseas again for 8 weeks and I know that this time I am going to have be very strong when visiting rellies and friends as they seem to think we don't eat down here and prepare feasts worthy of the prodigal sons return. :) I always come back like two ton tessie and regret it for months after.

Thats it for today