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Friday, June 10, 2011

Necessary stuff

I saw this fun post on someone's blog the other day
Unfortunately I can't give them the credit
'cose I can't remember who it was lol

If you had to leave the house in a hurry
With no worry of the house being destroyed
What would be the bare minimum items you'd take?

Well, with the weather we are having at the moment
and assuming I'm dressed and have a coat handy

Disregarding medication which would be a definite 

It would be my fingerless gloves and a brolly
Along with car and house keys
Phone and wallet containing necessary cards
I took this photo taken the other day
just before going on a very quick trip to the shops

Would these items go with you as well
or would there be more


  1. I would have a large purse, w/keys, wallet, inhaler, cell phone, and about 2-3# of things I never manage to clear out. That would be on my shoulder, then I would also have my backpack with my o2, and something with sleeves - because I sunburn very easily.

    Yes, it's a load.

  2. Not very exciting really, just my shoulder bag with purse, essential reading glasses, hankie, indigestion pills (sign of the times. lol), pen, pain killers and if I can remember, camera.
    But of course if the house was in danger there would be no decision at all, it would have to be 5 cats first and bag second.

  3. Oh those gloves would come in handy here today. 10 below average in Brissy at present.

  4. G'day Cathy. If I had to leave the house in a hurry, it would be the usual items, purse, mobile phone, keys, but most important would be our gorgeous little dog. Thanks for your comment on my blog. In answer to your question,we are moving into town, a much smaller home, hardly any garden (yet). Sold the farm to have a quieter lifestyle and at some stage do some travelling. Take care. Liz..

  5. I'd have to add my reading glasses and a scarf rather than gloves I guess.
    Makes us think doesn't it!

  6. We keep a bag of necessary items in our van. Otherwise escaping the house in an emergency would only include the grabbing of the living, breathing.

  7. wow, that would be hard. I'd take pictures, computer (all that important stuff on the hard drive!), and the box with the passports and other important stuff.


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