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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Those flying thingies

With the love of my life having spent many years around aircraft and in particular the bit that makes them fly - aka engines - see photo below - its possible at times I am going to be walking around airfields or museums admiring (well looking at) things that go up and down in the air
Last weekend was no exception
One of our daughter's 'in laws' are visiting from England and as Derek has the same interest as Dh. off we go on Sunday down to Point Cook to look at all things flying

Not the best day to be outside watching the skies
but we made the best of it

While the men were trying to convince themselves it was all jolly good fun
Ann and I went inside to the warmth (well relative warmth) of the hangars
Where we saw lots of flying thingies but these are just a few
There were old ones
Some newer ones - but not that new
Please don't ask - 'cose I don't know
and they don't put the really new ones in museums
You wouldn't want to suffer from claustrophobia would you lol
Things designed to go up
Nasty things that were designed to come down
and those who stayed down on the ground
making it safe for those who went up in the air
The one with the stripes could have been Dh many years ago
Had a lovely meal at a newish place down that way
 No photos of us all - I think they would prefer not to have them here

all photos enlarge with a click


  1. What a fun tour. Both of my brothers were USAF; My Honey is a Navy man (big surprise, huh!). We have the Wright Patterson AFB Museum just 45 minutes up the expressway from us. Your post reminds me we should spend a day up there again soon. Great post!

  2. I love all thingies that fly! I used to love to be in them! :-)

    Nice post!

  3. I know exactly where you are coming from Cathy. My youngest son was obsessed with all things army when he was young. We were dragged around so many museums etc, he had hats and berets, bags and helmets all over the place. I hated every moment of it but you do what you have to do for your offspring don't you?
    The funny thing is he never went into the army and has ended up as a male sister in a Hospital, a long way from being a soldier.

  4. Oh I know what you mean..we here have a farmer and we spend a lot of time looking at farm equipment!

  5. I think it's great that you and "the love of your life" spend time together. :)

    I'd love to sit in the one that makes you claustropobic.


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