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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chocolate cake anyone?

Sometimes I think my husband has selective memory
No matter how much I tell him I 'did' do something in the past
he says 'I don't remember that'

Now I have proof positive that I did cook chocolate cakes :))

photos enlarge with a click
Might have been a long time ago tho - the older boy turns 50 next year lol


  1. The point is your were right! Cute photos.

  2. Your sons were such cute little boys, Cathy!

  3. Great post of great memories. I don't think we let kids lick the batter spoon anymore because it contains raw eggs. However I couldn't resist letting my grandkids eat the chocolate chip cookie dough this weekend. After all I know how fresh our eggs are:) How could you have a 50 year old child?? Wait a minute, our oldest is 46.....Yikes!

  4. chocolate cakes are my favorite...

  5. The old pictures are definite proof! Very cute! I used to make chocolate cakes too - from scratch! I seldom make cakes anymore, not even from a mix. LOL!

    I think maybe somebody wants chocolate cake!;-)

  6. What cute photos and I think all men have memories like that.

  7. Awe! They are having the most adorable fun! I love their sweet smiles totally engulfed in the task at hand.

  8. It was there Cathy, I remember seeing it when I saw the photos.


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