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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Works in Progress

This post is an answer to an email question from Elizabeth
 about what I was working on at the moment
'Work' meaning what craft did I have on the go

Some of you may remember the fluffy scarves
I knitted earlier in the year

They sold so well on the craft stall in August
that while its not too hot I am knitting some more
to put away for the same stall next year

Two down - two more on the go
Plenty more of this fancy yarn in my stash
so it may end up being as many as I can manage

There is something else I'm working on
It is a woollen blanket I'm embroidering for a friends 
'grand baby to be'

Due early next year and they 'know' it will be a girl
So by the time the cooler weather turns up
she will be big enough to have a thicker blanket on her cot

My friend said it won't be on the cot overnight
but laid on top during the day to be admired 
I bought this book many years ago
and have been waiting for the opportunity to make it 
but somehow it never turned up
Everyone was having boys :(

This is the illustration in the book
(it really is a bit girly for a boy)

No name has been decided on yet
so I'll work the initial and back it
when the babe has been born

You know what they say about  
'everything comes to those who wait'

I waited patiently
and I received the chance
to do something I really enjoy


  1. Hi Cathy
    Beautiful. I wish you were my aunty!

  2. Great looking scarves and I think the embroidery looks beautiful! Happy waiting!

  3. Your projects are beautiful Cathy....I love home made goods and your wollen blanket will be a memory this baby can keep forever and pass along to her children. Hope your weekend is going well.
    ........:-) Hugs

  4. Your projects are beautiful!
    Have agreta wk.end!

  5. Oh so pretty Cathy, you are very talented.

  6. ooooh, your embroidery is just gorgeous. What a lovely little blanket. Lucky baby!


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