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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Watery Wednesday

This beautiful bridge goes over the pond near the Chinese Garden
in Monash Park Shepparton here in Victoria
We visited there last December (2009)
and thoroughly enjoyed looking at as well as walking over the bridge 
I love the bright red paint on the metal work 
It makes it really stand out

Maybe you would like to read this press release about the opening the previous August

for more watery images from around the world


  1. Love the red against the background colors.

  2. You're right! That imperial red really does make you notice it! Nice details on the railing. Happy WW.

  3. It's a very pretty bridge Cathy, and looks like a lovely place to walk around.
    An English Girl Rambles

  4. The color of the bridge I'm sure will attract everyone it really stand out on the views of the pond

  5. The water is pleasant but the red bridge is really outstanding!

  6. That is one beautiful bridge. And so many lily pads in the water!

  7. I like the last shot best, with the water and lilies as a background to the metal fence!

  8. What a beautiful bridge. Love the red colour.

  9. A stylish bridge with great attention to detail! I even love the lamp posts!

  10. I would very much enjoy seeing this place Cathy, .......:-) hugs

  11. a very attractive bridge. is that a sculpture in the middle of the pond?

  12. the red metal sure makes it stand out. Looks like a nice pond

  13. I've visited a few Japanese Gardens, but never heard of a Chinese one. How cool is that?! You captured some lovely images!

  14. The red really does make that stand out. I've always enjoyed bridges over ponds.


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