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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Flying - is it your idea of fun?

In 2 weeks time (August 19th) I will be in Vancouver
having flown there from Sydney NSW in one of these
Air Canada Boeing 777

Our flight from Melbourne to Sydney will have been in one of these
Qantas Boeing 767 - 300

I have flown thousands of miles during my lifetime
and even tho' I was raised on airforce camps
(yes I was a quarters brat)
and then married an airman
I don't like flying at all.

Put me behind the steering wheel of a car
sit me by the window of a train
tell me I can stand at the side of a ship and stare at the sea
and I'll be your friend for life

I'm not the best of flyers
and I could say
its definitely not my favourite form of transport at all
but to get to wherever overseas these days
we have to do what we have to do lol

Most airlines have reasonably comfortable aircraft
(I said 'most' as I've heard weird and wonderful tales
about the state of some airlines in remote parts of the world
and their idea of comfort or even safety leaves a lot to be desired)

Now imagine what it would be like to fly
when this was one of the most up to date
aircraft with the most up to date features

During our trip up to Qld last year we went to Winton
For Dh the Qantas Founders Museum was on the list of things to see
So I tootled along with him and found it a fabulous place
and also discovered that the comfort we are used to now
isn't quite the same as the comfort promised by Qantas
in the late 1920s

For most of the passengers seating was bench style
and they weren't very big benches either lol

Wonder if there was a rush for the single bucket type seat?
Safely secured to the floor I hope

I think it might have been a bit chilly in the cabin
the windows were a sort of perspex material 
The best part of this 'new' aircraft that Qantas had invested in
was that it had a toilet 

But look where it was
Behind the curtain!!
As the flyer on the wall (see above) says
Imagine it on a very hot Qld day
Say no more lol 

Bet those windows were slid open to get a bit of breeze in lol

Heres the place where the pilot would pop notes out
for the passengers
'Arriving at Longreach shortly'

This board has various bits of information
about different forms of transport
and the times it took to get from one place to another
also the costs involved

I couldn't get it all in the picture
but if you save it to your computer and then enlarge it on your monitor
you should be able to comfortably read whats there.

Quaint as it was it still didn't change my thoughts on flying lol

Which I have to do the week after next
lots to do before then tho'
Bye for now

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  1. I envy the trip. But I must say I don't envy the travelling to get there. There are few ordeals more awful than international airline flights :-(

  2. Im so jealous, I wish I was going somewhere on a plane. But my dear old hubby is not a good flier either.
    So our next trip looks like it will be in the car going to South Australia.
    Enjoy the build up, its almost as good as going.

  3. I am not a big fan of flying either Cathy but it a great way to get from point A to point B in a short period of time. Canada will welcome you with open arms, if you are in the Edmonton area I would love to meet you for a coffee.
    Take care......:-) Hugs

  4. I enjoyed flying years ago, but not anymore! My last trip last summer was miserable beyond words! Great post for the day and terrific photos! Hope you have a wonderful trip! Enjoy!


  5. I like to travel but not flying sitting for long hours and queing claiming luggage and inspection but that's part of the travel, it would be nice if you want to go to places and it's magic in a glance your on that country already.lol hope you had a safe trip and enjoy the rest of the holiday..waiting for more photos of you..

  6. I don't like flying.. I love those shots of the Giant Moth!

  7. Beautiful series

    I only fly one time in my life and it was nice
    but my wife don't like flying, also have to take the car

    Regards, Bram

    My World Tuesday Blog
    Seen on My World Tuesday

  8. I am not a bad flyer, per se, but it is not something that I enjoy. I dont like being cramped up. I dont like eating all the time. I dont like watching small tvs and there is only so much sleep that I need. However, I do bear with it to get where I want to go.

    What I am ever so pleased about, is that I live now and not back when QANTAS started!! Imagine all the above AND being freezing cold with the wind ruffling your hair!! No thank you very much.

    On 18th September I fly Singapore to France for three weeks. Can't wait!!

  9. Flying for me is just a means to get from one place to another. But I'd probably stay put in those days.


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