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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Welcome relief

Just a little sight I saw last weekend
that made me smile

Going into the Leisure Centre I noticed this bench
right next to the bike rack

Maybe the cyclists need a little sit down
before they go inside to do even more exercise lol 

Coming out later on what do I see
but another one near the car park
and across the way
from the tennis courts
where the Saturday morning Junior lessons
were about to start

This one is close to the set down / pick up zone
so would be a place to wait
but I smiled and thought
maybe some of the folk coming out
had worked so hard they were feeling exhausted
and needed a little sit down
before they ventured on to the road
to drive home lol


  1. Hi lovely to hear from you, loved the post. hope all is well with you and yours.

    Have a gresat week-end;

  2. Hello Cathy! I just wanted to say "hello!" and tell you that I love the pictures of the benches! It makes me think of seeing a gym right next to an ice cream shoppe! :-)
    I hope all is well with you and your family!

  3. We have been trying to refurbish and place our existing park benches around the park in the shde and by some of the gardens for a little sit down while walking, or just to watch the day go by.

  4. I think we may be kindred spirits. I sometimes find myself seeing "funny things" in situations that are not necessarily funny at first glance. I have fallen behind on your blog because of extenuating circumstances here at home but am trying to catch up. Was sorry to read about DH having health problems and happy to hear that he is getting better and better. "Trust your hear to Lipitor" are what the ads here say. Yeah. Right. What about your liver? Hope you are able to go on vacation as planned.

  5. Well I have to tell you, I personally love a good bench... I have often thought that the bench was made for people like me, who like to sit their rather large patooty down and watch the world go by! Although, I think that your reasoning may be the better version!!! Happy weekend to you Cathy!


  6. The poor dears need a sit down and a rest.

  7. These benches are placed in odd places but amusing places. Well I am sure they will be well used no mater where they are.....:-) Hugs


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