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Friday, March 26, 2010

Camera Critters

Its been a while since you saw the tricks our cats get up to
Blocking access to the keyboard is a favourite one

I'm sure they can read my mind
Each time I'm getting things organised to do some 'work' here  
I seem to find them both in this position
and I'm positive this converation takes place

Kiera - Brown Burmese on the left
says in a whisper: 
'She won't move us on if we are asleep'

Me : Oh yes she will lol

Leroy - Chocolate Burmese sitting says:
'What do you mean - you want this space'
Me: I have things to do and need to get to the keyboard

Leroy defiantly
while starting to lower himself back down says:
'I'll move if she does'
Me: Come on I'm in a hurry

Leroy back down on the desk:
'Looks like she isn't going anywhere - so neither am I'

Me: No dinner tonight if you don't get going soon

Kiera (who loves her food) sitting with a look that could kill on her face
'He not going so I don't think I should either'

Could you not love them - little so and so's that they are:))


  1. Yes they can be little buggers can't they, and they always seem to know that you're in a hurry, and they just take their own sweet time to move, sometimes after having been moved they come back again.

  2. Yes. very cute. And I do believe cats can read our mids...at least well enough to know what we intend to do next, :) And they very much like being the centre of out attention, even though they pretend to not care at all. LOL

  3. Yes ma'am, Pye and Hound do exactly the same dance with my keyboard...Mac says they're looking for the mouse I keep talking about...lovely furbabies!

  4. My part burmese tabster just loves sitting on the laptop keyboard, warming his tootsies! Zebbycat's other trick is to insert a claw in my back when I'm typing away. That sure gets my attention, lol!

    Your two are gorgeous, wonderfully contrary cats - and don't we love them for it.

  5. Our daughters cat loves to get behind the monitor, another daughter said they can feel the electricity and they like that feeling. I don't know, I figure it's because it's warm. But when he gets on my husbands desk, he'll lay on the keyboard, but he doesn't mine, perhaps it's because mine is on a pull out tray. They can be a pain, but they are also very entertaining.

  6. They are both cute ! You should participate in Cats on Tuesday (on my cat blog)

  7. They are very beautiful looking cats... & wise too ;)

    best wishes always

  8. Gorgeous Burmese - we used to have Burmese cats and bred a few litters - and kept a few kittens! They are wonderful but ours were very clumsy - are yours? We have Ocicats now, quieter but just as affectionate - and just as insistent about the laptops and work stations! They don't leap onto passing shoulders or climb curtains either :-)

  9. what beauties they are !! sandy

  10. Oh they are lovely Cathy!! Cats were always my first love, and I think what I like about them is they just know what they want and expect you to know and do it! :-)

  11. What a cute tale! How do you get any blogging done? x


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