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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Watery Wednesday

North Rustico
PEI Canada

Talking to a cousin the other day he said 'Do you remember'
How could we forget
We have visited them in Nova Scotia many times and
on our last trip in 2006 we spent a few days on the island
on the other side of the very long bridge
where they don't charge coming from the mainland
but do so going back from the island lol

Believe it or not it's in this photo - way in the distance

click and the photos will enlarge

During our time there we did the obligatory Cavendish and Anne of Green Gables thing
and then we droppped in to this little fishing village
to stretch our legs
Unfortunately camera batteries played up
so we only managed a few snaps

Not the best photo of me and the cousins wife but I love the lighthouse in the background
Its set almost in the village
and has actually been moved
from its original position closer to the shoreline
They had some wet days while we were there
but that didn't deter the lighthouse visits

Here on a rainy day is West Point Light
Not a working light but used as a guest house
Has a lovely gift shop!!

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  1. Before they got married, my son Shawn and his wife went to PEI and took lots of beautiful pictures of the bridge, Cavendish, etc. They knew how much I love anything to do with Anne of Green Gables so brought me back a snowglobe with that theme:-) I'd so love to go visit there one day! Love your pictures and that lighthouse is gorgeous! xoxo

  2. Great photos and pretty scenery. I would love to see that lighthouse some day.

  3. That you for the kind remark you left on my blog about Dave dying.
    For now, June will continue to share my house, at least through the Winter.

    I am pleased to see you have been to Canada and PEI, our Garden Province, in particular. It is a lovely place. Years ago when I went there was no Confederation Bridge and we had to go on the ferry. The harbour you visited was it Malpeque? I had American friend who I took there years ago and they have now retired there. If I go that way again I would like to go to the Magdalen Islands, which are actually part of Quebec.

  4. Hi Cathy, Thanks for visiting my blog. I am enjoying yours. I have a good blog friend (diane) from Australia. I always love hearing from people in different parts of the world.

    Your pictures of Prince Edward Island are wonderful. I'd love to go there sometime---along with a million other places. ha

    Thanks again for visiting and come back soon.

  5. Very interesting, I and I enjoyed reading your commentary. Like going on a trip along with you!

    Come and visit, I'd love to see you - http://quilt--works.blogspot.com/

  6. Beautiful pictures. I enjoyed them very much!

  7. oh yes, i see the ghost of a bridge at the distance in your first photo.:p wonderful watery shots!


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