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Friday, November 20, 2009

On the road again

Yes, that means dh and I are about to take the car on a road trip.

Not too far from home this time.  About 2 hours from here, up the road to Numurkah.   which is a relatively small town - possible 4000 pop.  

Going to take advantage of a birthday present - we gave to each other lol - a week at the lovely resort we visited this time last year.  Called the Lakeside Country Club its just the place for a fairly quiet time just before the heoliday season starts.

Our friends from Adelaide will be joining us again this year, we had a fun time last year and I know you can never relive fun times as its all in the spontaneity of the moment but we hope it turns out the same if you follow my thinking.

Even tho Numurkah is a small place the drawcard for the men is the Golf Club next door and for the girls - trips to local towns to see what treasures we can find in their opportunity /charity /thrift shops.  We can take a short drive south to 'the big town' Shepparton or a short drive north to Cobram and other places on the magnificent River Murray.   Theres an indoor pool as well as an outdoor one, walking tracks along the river bank, tennis courts, mini golf and loads of other things for the times we don't go out.  And of course there's my knitting and some reading. 

Another hot day here in Melbourne and more to come.  Next week will hopefully be cooler - and possibly wet.  Both here at home and further up the Guolburn Valley Highway which is where we are heading today about lunchtime.

Bye for now, off to take the cats to the boarding cattery.  See you soon


  1. Have a wonderful week away and stay cool if that is possible.
    Take care

  2. I hope you have lots of fun. Dont forget the slip,slop,slap. Its so hot at the minute that you will burn very quickly.

  3. Sounds like a lovely outing. I wish we were having summer about now, too. I guess that is a sign of growing too old for battling Winter.

    We have had some relatively mild weather waiting to some serious snow and cold by Christmas.

  4. I wonder if it was cool on Saturday like it was here?

    Cobram is great for pizzas, though that was nearly 8 years ago I tried one.


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