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Monday, November 16, 2009

Now you didn't hear me say this.......

But today has been lovely.

Nice and cool - so much better than the heatwave we have endured this past week.  November is supposed to be in the 20s/ low 70s - not scorching hot.  That can come later - like in the New Year - February sounds about right lol

Right now we should be having pleasant days, great to be in ths garden days, lovely to take a walk days, sit outside and read days.  Not hide in the house days, run to the line with washing - turn around and its dry 2 seconds later days.

I must say that the extra insulation (courtesy of the Federal Government - thank you Mr Rudd) seems to have made a fabulous difference in the house temperature. 

I had the cooling on for a short time on Monday, that was the day they installed the insulation, and it hasn't been on since.  Its been fine to just have the fans on - the small breeze they make as they move the air round has been enough to keep us comfortable.

Now we all like bargains - don't we!!

I have a sleeping partner going cheap if anyone wants him. 

Just one drawback - he snores. 

Not all the time - just some of the time. 

He also is oblivious to kicking, shoving, pushing, being rolled over, being shouted at and many other things I might happen to do.

I had enough of it last night and decided I'd go into the other bedroom.

Big sob story coming up now lol

Bugger - I forgot to take all the stuff off the bed that was put there when I vacuumed the other day.  Made a mental reminder to self to take it all to the op shop soon.

Stood in the hallway and felt so angry at myself I had tears in my eyes. 

Too tired to even start taking it off so I moved on (in the dark) to the back bedroom - laughingly called the Computer Room. 

Thankful it was turned off and not downloading something, means there would be lights flashing on the modem and a hum in the air - too tired to unfold the sofa bed, it would make a noise and he'd come down the hall all umpety about being woken up. 

I'd go back to bed and then lie there trying to get to sleep and he'd be playing nasal steam trains in 2 seconds flat - been there done that!!

So I pulled a blanket and pillow out of the cupboard and lay there on the couch wondering why its always the other person who has to move and not the noisy one lol 

Finally slept most of the remainder of the night - he was unaware I'd gone till he woke.

'Was I that loud, why didn't you wake me.  Oh I need a drink of water, I've got such a dry nose and throat'

Hopefully there won't be a repeat performance tonight.


  1. I'm glad you can laugh about it!
    My sister was inflicting similar torture on her husband and eventually was fitted for a sort of mouth guard - seems to do the trick.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. I have one of those, and he claims he doesn't snore!!

    Gill in Canada

  3. Oh I have been there done that! Its terrible how loud they can get and not wake themselves up. Hope you have a nice quiet nights sleep tonight.

  4. Oh Cathy...it seems like we ALL have one of those already !! Mine starts before his head hits the pillow. I keep telling him that one day I'm going to make a recording.

  5. Mine snores so loud that I now have pains in my ear when he starts. But again I am the one that ends up on the couch.
    Thants life I suppose.


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