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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Nice suprises are there to be found

When we went to visit friends who live in Clombinane
the other weekend
I managed to see a tiny bird that for some reason doesn't visit us

This little black and white Willy Wagtail
(I love birds that have white on them)
was flitting around a tree close to their fenceline
but do you think he'd sit still for long

In and out of the tree
Up and down the branch he went
chirping all the time

The sun was behind him so I couldn't get a clear facial shot
but his whole 'catch me if you can' attitude
 made me smile as I looked at him

He reminded me of another (new to me) tiny bird
we saw in Charters Towers Queensland
when we were up there in September this year

This little one was flitting around this fence
and didn't seem to know how to sit still either lol

I had to ask what it was
and was told
A Grey Crowned Babbler

There were others around about but none of them stood still for long either:)

That little pointy beak of his
looks as tho' it could do some damage

Like lots of our birdlife
'cose of tree felling and the clearing of bushland
they are becoming threatened species in some of the states

Here are some links for information on these birds

To see more Camera Critters from around the world


  1. I just love watching birds and learning about new ones. Have a blessed weekend

  2. Beautiful bird shots Cathy, such cute little things aren't they? Thanks for stopping by, I have enjoyed catching up on all your posts here. Have a great weekend.

  3. great shots, considering they keep moving around so quickly. Once this large heron perched on our fence on his way to a nearby pond, but I so regret I wasn't able to get him on camera.

  4. Love willy wagtails we have plenty of them here. They are jus amazing to watch.

  5. I remember moving here as a new bride and spending an hour watching a little willy wagtail. I was so excited, having never seen one as I grew up in the city, I rush to tell hubby about it when he got home. He laughed and laughed at me.
    Now of course I see them all the time, but I still love the way the flit about and wag their little tails.

  6. From the Willy Wagtail description I thought this bird must be a cousin of our native Fantail. And your Wikipedia link helped confirm it.

    Are the WWs noisy, chirp-cheeping away as they flit around? I love watching our fantails hopping in and out of my birdbath.

    Its nice to know our two countries have birds that are cousins!

    huggles and laughter, Michelle and a snuggled down Zebbycat

  7. I love birds, so. We have a bird that looks very similar that we call a titmouse...love your photos and narrative!

  8. I like the name Willy Wagtail. How Cute. I love seeing birds and also learning about new ones. Great photos of your critters.

  9. I love the Willy Wagtail but agree in how hard they are to capture. You have done well. Backlight is always a problem too.

  10. what super photos, I had a few shots of birds the other day on my blog as well.

    Gill in Canada


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