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Saturday, November 28, 2009

How did it go

Family were on the phone late last night after we got home
asking how we enjoyed the week away

Well says I
- we had a bit of this and a bit of that -
certainly not a repeat of  last year
by any stretch of the imagination

Driving up in 40c heat was a nightmare
the aircon in the car wasn't too happy
After the very high winds all the way from Melbourne
we encountered this dust storm in Shepparton

Kept the visibility down for a fair way on the last 20mins to Numurkah

Next morning after storms during the night
we had rain for the best part of the day

The men endured it on the golf course
and came back to the unit miserable
we ladies went into town and did a bit of shopping
Then stayed home

Sunday we went up to Yarrawonga
Wandered round their fabulous Farmers market
In the rain lol
Then drove over to Mulwala to look at the lake

Very dark in one direction

Not too bad in the other

Had lunch at the Services Club
let the men check out the Airyplane in the carpark 
(being ex aairforce they knew what it was)
they had no idea what the tank was tho lol

Unfortunately the rainy days had no effect on the Lake at the resort
The years of drought have really taken their toll
and its nearly dry

One evening we had a fabulous sunset
Thought the sky was on fire

Dh and I had a drive to Benalla one day
It was so good to be driving
on small country roads
and not the big main highways

Sky was still cloudy
No rain that day tho.

Had to have a day away from the other couple
I'll tell you more another day


  1. You had a lovely trip Cathy and I enjoyed the photos. Thanks for taking us along.


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