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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The things you find on the internet

You know how you find an interesting crafty blog and then follow a link from there and then another link elsewhere and in the end you are miles away from where you started and 2 hours have passed since you first sat down at the computer

Well if you are familiar with that process you will know its amazing what you can find when its cold and wet and you have nothing to do (well thats not really true) but trawl the internet for interesting and amazing things.

This is a white plastic garden chair, usual variety, available for sale in loads of places

Many of us have them, they are handy to have and come in useful when the company decends on us and there aren't enough of the nice comfy new padded ones that match the table.

They don't absorb spilt soft drink (or hard drink either:) ) or get stained by sticky fingers and they stack which is great 'cose then you can hid them away in the shed or the garage till the next time

Anyway thats not the amazing thing I found

This is

Whats that I hear you ask
Well that is one of those common and garden variety white plastic chairs
Complete with a knitted cover

Would you believe a student in London used the concept of knitting a chair as a project for her degree in product design
Have a look at these links and tell me what you think



Its so unusual it even made me want to use up a lot of my very large stash of wool that is sitting around in big boxes out in the garage
Well - that was until I realised I would have to go outside in the cold to start looking through the boxes and also find one of those garden chairs to do some measuring lol
I hope she does well in her studies and that the show she organised that was on last week in London was a success


  1. Yes, I often find I am still sitting at the computer 2 hours (or more) after just having a quick look at something. Those chairs are amazing, I can't knit very well, but I can appreciate the amount of work that has gone into them.

  2. That would be an amazing project... to bad i don't knit 9o: Glad you came to visit me. It is summer here and only about 55 and raining. Tonight it will be 45 degrees or so. What is your temp there?


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