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Sunday, June 7, 2009

The tale of two cold cats

What do we have here - a very nice warm fire

Oh I think I'll go and see if there's anything left in the food bowl

in front of this lovely warm fire

Is it alright if I sit here?

You didn't say you were coming back

Ok I'll share if I have to

But you have to lie still

Mum !!!

Oh, alright I'll behave

Oops I think this mat has shrunk

Peace at last

Its cold outside so anyone with any sense will be lying on the cat mat


  1. Hi Cathy...so glad to make your acquaintance! I just adore Gill, she's a stunner, isn't she? I see that you are a cat lady, too...can't be to many of us...they need our support, lol! Your dark siamese/burmese looks so much like my Pyewackit...he of Presidential Running fame, lol...I will definitely be back here to visit you and the two lovelies!

  2. How sweet! I can all most feel that nice warm fire. They are beautiful!

  3. Very cute post with your cats. They look very content.

  4. Those two are lovely! Thanks for showing us those pictures.
    Oh and cricket? Oops, The Netherlands! Say no more......
    Take care
    Sarah x

  5. Hi, I just came over to say howdy. I saw your comment and picture over at Hidden Haven Homested. You look like a good friend of mine so I had to check it out. I lost 40 pounds two years ago on weight watchers (o: I have a light brown cat that looks a lot like yours. How funny. Come by and say hi sometime. I am Pam from Colorado USA (o:

  6. It really is a cats life!
    My cat even comes looking for you when the fire needs feeding.
    Hows that for demanding.

  7. Lovely post Cathy, those kitties are adorable and they look like they know their comfort zone :)

  8. as cold as my feet are today I wouldnt mind sitting in front of that fire!

  9. Just love it, the cats do love a nice fire don't they. Our boy couldn't get enough of it when we lit it last week.

  10. Warm cozy scene. Ha, I didn't realize/remember the seasonthere...its now getting very warm here - 80-90 deg. I'm loving it - I think.


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