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Friday, June 12, 2009

Sunrise Friday June 12th 2009

It was really really cold this morning when I got up and this was the view from the back bedroom window when I opened the curtains

So I thought you'd like to see what the sky looked like first thing this Friday morning
here in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne

This was taken at 7.15am
And the same view 2 minutes later
See how much more colour there was in the sky

This was times at 7.16am taken between those 2 shots looking in another direction

don't forget to click on the photos to get a better view
What a glorious way to start the day

Now if you pop over here you can see that Joolz had a similar look at her house


  1. HI Cathy

    Yes it is amazing how similar our photos are but I guess it is the same sun we are viewing. Lol! Pretty pictures - but you cheated - you were warm inside your house and I was freezing my butt off outside! :)

    Cheers - Joolz

  2. A beautiful start to the day, especially if you were inside. I hope your day stayed fine.

    Was a bit warmer here in Wellington today however damp and low cloud. Confess I was still snoozling with Zebbycat even when you took your photos (was just after 9.00am here)

    have a great weekend,

    Michelle and Zebbycat (purrrrumbling away)

  3. Oh my goodness, that is beautiful!

  4. Lovely colours. It might be summer in the UK but we seem to get an awful lot of grey.

  5. Amen to Cheshire Wife's comment. Nothing but grey this week here. Lovely pics, Cathy.

  6. Glorious indeed! Thanks for sharing these photos.

  7. Very beautiful photos. A very lovely start to your day.

  8. Ah such pretty colors, even if they do tend to come more in the cold. Thanks for the welcome home!

    btw, I love the shots of the furry logs and 'their' fire.

  9. Lovely photos !
    Always find it hard to believe that as you approach winter here it's a lovely spring day-warm and sunny !

  10. Beautiful sunrise pictures! I haven't been looking at blogs for several months and I enjoyed catching up on yours today. Your cats are beautiful too and BIG! Thank you for stopping by my digital scrapbooking blog... the comment notification worked! You are the first to comment! Yes, I am still knitting. I am slowly getting started back.

  11. Gorgeous sunrise pictures there Cathy. Enjoyed catching up today. Have a great week.

  12. what beautiful shots!
    it's warm here in FLA! 82 at 10pm last eve

  13. Just looked at the cold cats post - lovely stuff.

    Two burmese darlings? They look like they have the colouring, gorgeous face shape and the incredibly muscular so (therefore) deceptively heavy bodies of Burmese.

    My Zebbycat is part Burmese, the rest is Tabster, extremely affectionate wussycat and blubber!

    care and huggles, Michelle :o)

    (Zeb snoring again - at least the rescued lad is consistant!)

  14. Beautiful Sunrise Cathy. Love the colours the sunrise created.
    I was still snug in my bed at 7.15

  15. Wow! How beautiful! I think the nicest skies I have ever seen were at Croatia. Yours is beter though!


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