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Monday, June 29, 2009

See whats at the bottom of my garden

Every country has its own authors who write for children - here in Australia May Gibbs became famous for her children's stories and her use of the native flora and fauna as an inspiration for the characters in her books

My children weren't raised with May Gibbs but there are many Aussies (young and old) who remember the stories about the gumnut babies, Snugglepot and Cuddlepie.

This 'nasty' looking character is the Big Bad Banksia Man who is one of the villians in these books

This is my Banksia bush at the bottom of my garden
From recollection its a Banksia spinulosa and has the most beautiful candles
to see these best click on the photo to enlarge

The poor old thing has led a troubled life
When we rented the house out in 1994 he was quite big, as tall as the fence and really healthy. However the renters' children seemed to think its branches were great to use as a step ladder to get over the fence so when we came home in 2002 he really needed some attention
We cut him down nearly to the ground and he is just coming into his own again
You might like to see what his candles look like
I haven't removed any of the old candles so you are able to see them
From fairly young fresh ones

Through the different stages

This is one thats maybe from a couple of years ago and is drying off

This one is a year older and the seed pods are just becoming visible
See the resemblance to the drawing above

This is a clearer view of the seeed pods

And now one that's nearly 'naked' cept for the big pods

And heres one that I love
All those pods are ready to burst

So even if it appears there isn't much life in my garden - it turns out that if you look here and there you might get a nice surprise


  1. Hi Cathy! Thanks for dropping by. I quite like this so called heatwave, just nice for me but a bit of sun would have been even better.

    I've never seen a banksia before so thanks for this. Looks like a conifer. What a shame those children messed it about but nice to see it recovering.

  2. I love the silly illustration and what an ingenious author to use these types of drawings to teach the children about your plants in a fun way! I enjoyed reading about it and it is neat to see things from another country that you don't have in your own!

  3. What a beautiful banksia bush. I have never seen one before.
    How's your winter going? Want some rain?LOL


  4. I have never seen anything like this quite interesting!

  5. I had never heard of this bush. It really is beautiful.

  6. The Banksia candles look so pretty. Wow - they take a long time to mature to seeding.

    I like the Banksia's gentle-looking needle thin leaves even more. Hope your plant continues to recover well - she is a lovely looking being.

  7. I love this plant, wish I had one. It is really beautiful. I am going to read up on it now. So interesting looking.

  8. Cathy I loved this post! The pics are great and I'm going to look out for those books. (I love childrens books)
    We have Enid Blyton... Lewis Carrol.. Roald Dahl.

  9. Hi Cathy,
    Very interesting to see a banksia tree for the first time
    My partner was a wood turner and used to buy banksia nuts to make into candle sticks, pen holders and such. Turned and polished they were beautiful and sold well!

  10. Hi
    I've just read your comment on Home is where the Heart Is and thought I would let you know that I regularly go car booting to Hayling Island!

  11. What an amazing bush so exotic seemng to us English.


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