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Thursday, June 11, 2009

On a day like today

Well on a day like today I'd like to hibernate and not have to relate to anyone

Its cold - miserably cold - and wet - which I don't mind as we need the rain

and I feel like poor Maxine

Then theres the demands from a paid worker from the charity

I do a great deal of voluntary work for.

Needing facts and figures I have already provided for them.

Feeling a bit cheesed off by her demands as I'm not a paid worker

and think she should be more in control as her position is quite senior

As she answers to the CEO I get the feeling she thinks along the lines of Maxine
in what she will do and what she wont.

And if there is someone else to do that work for her - well she calls that delegating.

Thats fine for any employee she has in her dept. but I get cross when she starts on me lol

And then there's the waist line issue lol

Cold wet weather means no walking
Shouldn't do but it does in my house

Fancy a 21 year old anyone - as long as he buys me a drink as well lol

Oh no - too many points and we are back to square one again


  1. Gday Cathy,, Brrrrrrr it is freezing here getting very icy wind blasts..bring on summer..
    love Maxine.and all the comments.

    Hehehe How true chocolate makes yoor cloths shrink, HEHEHE Mine shrunk in the wardrobe.Quick wheres the chocolate I need another piece..take care keep warm winters only just begun.

  2. Hi Cathy, good to see you and thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. So it's the fault of you Victorians, hey? How about, to make amends, you drop in on the way to Bowen to pick me up and take me with you? That's if I'm not a solid block of ice before then.

    To make matters worse, I have to go out tonight. I tell you, the heater in the car is going to be on full blast!

    Love that Maxine...she always hits the nail on the head. As for "senior" staff, some of them take their position way too seriously and make a nuisance of themselves to others. Hope she settles down soon...someone may help that along.

    Good to meet you, Cathy. Hope to see you again.



  3. a little cabin fever there Kathy? great psot, I love Maxine-she says it all

  4. I think that lady need to delegate herself somehow Cathy. Great Maxinisms, I love that lady. Hope it warms up soon for you. So weird knowing that we're topsy turvy with summers and winters.

  5. I hope it warms up soon. I love Maxine!

  6. Maxine is so wise, I absolutely love her.
    Keep warm and dry, soon it will be hot again and we will all want this weather back again.


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