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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Counting down

Well the Winter solstice has been and gone - it is now June 24th and we are on our way to the other end of the year. The days will get longer and the temps will hopefully warm up - not quite to the extent of last summer tho lol
This was the sunrise from my back window yesterday - about 7.30 am and it was another corker.
(Corker - Noun - Old-fashioned slang a splendid or outstanding person or thing)

Melbourne has a temperate climate - we have warmish summers (sometimes very hot) and coolish (sometimes very cold) winters.
It can rain most months of the year - note the word can - thats the thing it can but at the moment ( or should I say for the past I don't know how many years) it isn' :((

Contrary to popular belief we get less rain than Sydney - ours usually comes all year round which makes them think we get more lol
In the comments Aims (Big Blue Barn) and Phillip (Tossing Pebbles in the Stream) asked how cold is cold and mentioned the fact that cold is relative and thats just it.
We like our warm weather - I'm sure the fact that the sun shone was partly the reason many migrants came from the Northern Hemisphere - so when winter comes we feel the cold
Where I live we would get overnight lows of about 2/3/4c - 36/39f BUT often its down to 0c - 32f and sometimes lower depending if there's a blast coming up from Antactica lol
I'm sure to some of you living in other countries that doesn't seem low - but to each his own LOL

Trees native to Australia aren't deciduous - most of the trees in my area would be a Eucalyptus (Gum tree) of one sort or another



Thats why in many if the photos and especially the pictures I took at the park there are no bare trees.

We have no falling leaves, well not many, if you look round the neighbourhood there are lots of trees with no leaves at the moment.

Exoctics have their place in our gardens, remember the one I mentioned that I can see from my laundry and my neighbour has a huge Oak that drops all over my garden.

Have a look at these links for more on Melbourne's climate


  1. Wow it is indeed a corker! I'm familiar with that word, I'm not sure of it's origin though.
    'Tis indeed a beautiful photograph!

  2. Oops, sunRISE! I don't see many of those, lol!

  3. Love the sunset photos. I would take some cool, or even moderate weather about now! It has been unbelievably hot, even by Florida summer standards. I step outside and get woozy, and there's a mist in the air like everything is a mirage. I am more than ready for the afternoon rains to come regularly!

  4. Can't wait for the days to get a bit longer. It doesn't seem to get too cold here in Adelaide, about 3C is our lowest, although as you say when the wind comes from Antartica it can make it quite cold.
    Keep warm

  5. We have just had the summer solstice. All our days will be getting shorter! x


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