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Friday, June 19, 2009

Cold but sunny

We've had some really wintery foggy mornings recently
I really find it unerving to take a walk when it's like that
So when the day dawns nice and sunny
I get the shoes on and head for the park I mentioned a while ago.
Yesterday was one of the cold but sunny starts to the day so I headed off just after 9am for a very overdue ramble up and down the windy paths
There was a hint of low cloud but nothing like the peasooper type of the previous days
where I couldn't see one side of the street to the other lol
In the first two pictures you can see the sun just starting to shine through the haze
See the shiny wet grass and long shadows
Damp enough to keep you on the paths or risk getting very soggy runners

Got to the top of the hill and turned round
Even tho' the shadows were still long it seemed far more sunny and inviting
Very deceiving 'cose it was cold all day long

click on photos to enlarge

When I got home I stayed close and did clear up things
Ironed and put away and tidied cupboards
- you know -
all the stuff you should do to make the house run more smoothly
The stuff you don't think makes any difference to that daily running
Until you don't so it
Then you find out it helps if its done on regular basis. lol


  1. The trees look so familiar to me, yet I've never been to Aussie.

    Must be from seeing so many good Aussie tv programs over the years. The first one I noticed would have been Skippy, The Bush Kangaroo.

    I even have the Skippy Annual
    (1970?)? The stories are SO bloke orientated.

    Dearie, dearie me, (don't get me started!!)

    The light in the early mornings and early evenings of these "down under" winter days leading up to our longest night night look chilly, yet they're so,so beautiful.

    Super Happy Weekend to you, Michelle xxx

  2. yes straightening up, just gets messed up again tomorrow. seems like a never ending thing to do

  3. Such lovely pictures. The ones of the sunrise below is spectacular!! Hope you have a great week end.

  4. It is so much nicer to go for a walk when the sun is shining isn't it? My weekend is going to be a bid of tidying and vacuuming, then I will have next week free.
    take care

  5. Cathy,
    Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. Your post here makes me envious of your cold weather.

    My nephew lives in your beautiful country. He is one of the coaches for your national Olympic swim team. He loves it there. Raves about it all the time.

  6. Beautiful photos ! Could almost walk across the field !Thank you !

  7. I guess cold is a relative idea. The photos do not look Winter cold to me. Trees have their leaves and there isn't 2-3 feet of snow on the ground.

    It is Summer here/ After a wet cool Spring the heat of summer is here a little early. It will be 32C tomorrow. Summer here can be glorious. I went for my first swim in the river today. . .it is great!

  8. How cold is cold Cathy?

    It looks very lovely with the long shadows and the trees still have leaves on them.

    On your question over at mine - I dug out the wire I used and see that it is 24 guage. I used a gold colour but I was just thinking how the angels would be in silver.

    You must do a post with a pic when you get them done.

  9. Gday Cathy. Ohhh it has been sooo cold but then were in the grip of winter. I was in Melbourne for weekend the sun was shining no fog and rather Chilly. im home again today and its very cold heavy skies and no sunshine.I think its snowing somewere in the mountains.. BRRRRRRRR its only 14c.. Bring on summer....


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