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Friday, October 10, 2008

Todays news from another angle

Ok so it’s like this, I’m fed up watching and listening to all the gloom and doom in the financial news and wondering if there’ll be anything left in our pension funds at the end of all this debacle so I’m going to talk about what happens at the other end of the news bulletin. No not the weather – we could talk all day about that particularly as I live in Melbourne – but the Sport.

Changing seasons mean changing sports and Melbourne is reputed to be the sporting capital of Australia so heres what’s making news around the place at the moment.

The Winter football games - Aussie Rules and Rugby League are over for the year.

Manly won the ARL Premiership

Hawthorn won the AFL Premiership

That means that the Cricket season is just starting.
A summer sport played mainly in countries that were part of the old British Empire and with rules totally incomprehensible to those not familiar with the game. Here in Oz cities, towns and even small settlements have a local cricket ground.
The Australians are in India and the local kids and adults season starts tomorrow

Lots of girls and women here play Netball, also a sport associated with England. Australia is currently World Champions and play spirited games against countries like New Zealand, Jamaica and England.
There is an International series on at the moment and the local Spring Comps are starting this week, 3 of my granddaughters play and another (aged 9) has her first game tomorrow. Same as cricket and football there are netball courts in most places but many of the games are now held at big complexes and the local courts at the ovals are just for fun.

This weekend sees the Bathurst 1000 where Ford and Holden battle it out to see which driver can become King of the Mountain. The late racing driver Peter Brock was a favourite there and a memorial statue was unveiled the other day

Now one of my favourite sports is horse racing and the Spring Racing Carnival in Melbourne is starting right now. This culminates on the first Tuesday in November with the Melbourne Cup.
Its called the Race that stops the nation and there are sweeps in most offices and workplaces where in days gone by things really did come a stop while the race was on.
As well as the racing there’s also a lot of emphasis on clothes and hats – Fashion on the Field gets a lot of publicity with the ladies trying to get picked as Best Dressed.
I have a personal interest in an event this Sunday - yes it Melbourne Marathon Day again. After the thrill of running her first Marathon earlier in the year one of our Dds will be pounding 42.195 kms of streets again. Wish her luck everyone lol

The cycling season is in full swing with many of our cyclists back from the events in Europe and raring to go here. Lance Armstrong will be making a comeback to the sport by cycling in the Tour Down Under thats held in South Australia in January each year. This is professioanl racing but for the normal run of the mill theres the Great Victorian Bike Ride later in the year. Feel like riding for 9 days over 590 kms - well this is for you :))

Any surfers out there?

On todays news we heard that World Champion Surfer Layne Beachley was finally retiring - a nice girl with a good attitude but theres lots of other girls trying hard to reach her standard and the current world champ Stephanie Gilmore is also an Australian. We love our water sports
In fact we love any sports :)))
Lots of links there so I hope you click on someof them to gain a beetter understanding of sport here in Melbourne


  1. Hello Cathy,
    And here, we love sports too. We are "diehard" Red Sox fans. Tonight will will listen to the radio in bed (The TV is long gone) and enjoy the game.
    Enough gloom and doom. It is what it is.
    Cheers, Jan

  2. The news is tiresome. I was so glad to get out & go to the theatre today. will check your links out.

  3. can't say I am a sports fan...

    Gill in Canada

  4. I'm a South Sydney fan meself (mainly because I like the irony of a fluffy bunny as an RL shirt badge).

    Rugby Union's really my game, especially when Ireland are playing - "in B O'D we trust" (always assuming the bastard All Blacks aren't trying to put him in a wheelchair).

    Do you get speedway (motorcycle variety) in Melbourne? Australia have been pretty good in recent years with Jason Crump winning a couple of world titles and Ryan Sullivan and Leigh Adams always there or thereabouts.


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