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Friday, October 31, 2008

Not now but later

I went back through some recent comments and couldn't understand why some readers were saying enjoy my break - until I read the post where I mentioned going away again.

Honestly with all the comings and goings concerned with various things at the moment my memory is playing up- we won't be out of town until the end of November coming back early December - you'd think with the thought of 'freedom' for a week I would have that date imprinted on my mind. lol

It's been great these past 2 days knowing that A Pam is being looked after and I don't have to go running round to her place at the drop of a hat - am going to enjoy this weekend with racing on the TV. The weather man says a cool one with some showers so maybe thats going to be the best place after all - sunny days will mean I'll be outside clearing some more of those plants growing in wrong places ...............................otherwise known as weeds :)

The big race day is Tuesday - Melbourne Cup Day - a public holiday here in Melbourne and its such an well loved event most of the country watches or listens to the race as well. Chicken and Champagne Lunch, yum yum. Many of the Australian runners have been scratched for one reason or another but the crowds will still be there regardless.

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  1. I know all about the memory thing Cathy, there's always so much going on, things tend to spill out of my ears at times. Yes I am back and this too has passed as you said it would. Back on line now and happy to be enjoying your grea post. Thank you so much for the encouraging words while I was off line, and have a lovely weekend.


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