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Monday, October 27, 2008

Life moves on

Its really lovely to see how things change - like this tiny baby in my arms

To this beautiful teenager sitting beside me yesterday

Happy 15th birthday to Shannon my first grand child


  1. what a lovely post. Tell her happy birthday from me.

    Gill in Canada

  2. Happy birthday Shannon.

    It is frightening just how quickly these changes take place though.

  3. My goodness, don't they grow quickly!
    I love her red hair.

  4. Happy Birthday, Shannon ! Hope you enjoyed it !

  5. Happy Birthday Shannon! Pretty as a baby and still the same!

  6. Happy Birthday to Shannon..

    You should be heading away soon too arn't you..
    I will have a great time he may be 24 but he's still my boy.
    Thanks for the link to Delilah that is priceless........
    Loved the joke my husband is still laughing....
    Now you have a good time and leave all your worries behind.


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