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Monday, October 6, 2008

Life and Habits

OK pity party coming up :(

This past week has flown by, lots of stress associated with my elderly aunt meaning along with my cousin I have to start looking in earnest for a nursing home with a dementia unit attached. Even tho they are becoming the norm its not easy to find one with a space available in the near future. We will just keep on looking and hoping.

Luckily we had some good weather during the week and over the weekend so I’ve been able to get outside and prepare some more ground that had become a bit over grown.

I’ve begun to cover some of that ground with the mountain of newspapers I’ve been hoarding in the garage and will cover that with mulch from the trees that are being taken down and chipped next week.

At the moment it looks like a sea of soggy grey white (wet from todays rain) covered in broken house bricks, needed them to hold the paper down so it doesn't blow around in the wind. lol

With the dry weather washing has dried and been put away by the afternoons and I have even managed to sit down some of those afternoons and do a bit of knitting which seemed to ease the worry.

Its funny but I can knit and listen to the radio and relax but digging the ground didn’t seem to do that, the hard work didn’t clear my mind and it was always thinking of her and wondering what she was going to get up to next.

I don’t want another repeat of last weeks episode with the gas stove.

Change of mood :)

Daylight saving started this past Saturday night.

Unlike many people I have no problems with it as it means I can spend more time outside in daylight during the warmer days of the year 'cept at the start it has a down side as to begin with I have trouble judging what time it is outside first thing in the morning.

Daylight at the moment is/was about 6am so I’d got into the habit of waking slowly, once my eyes were open I had the choice of getting up then and maybe doing some early jobs (more like take advantage of the computer before Dh got up) or just lying there listening to the radio.

So - as it wasn’t light this morning when I woke I lay there for a long while, didn’t look at the clock as I was trying to go back to sleep. When it did get light and I finally looked at clock………….yes you guessed right…………….putting the clock forward meant it actually was 7am so I will have to be on my toes for the next few days and check the time when I wake up lol

Now Dh uses those huge great bath sheets for his shower but seems to soak them each time - his skin tends to hold the water (hairy monster that he is) and for ages I’ve been trying to get him to form the habit of doing what we were taught (mainly because it took ages for towels to dry in England and Mum would complain all the time) that is to ‘wipe down’ with a flannel/face washer when he’s turned the tap off and before he gets out of the cubicle.

I even gave him his own little pile of old flannels that the grandkids had when little (don’t throw anything away in my house lol) but it didn’t seem to sink in - that bath sheet would be in the wash basket after 2/3 uses.

Well, he finally seems to have understood what I meant and is now in the habit of taking a clean one out of the drawer and dropping that in the wash basket when finished. They are far easier to launder and dry and the big bath sheet lasts for the week – unless something untoward happens to it.

Bye for now


  1. Oh Cathy I am sorry about your aunt. My dad had alziemers and needed to finally be put in a unit for that so he wouldn't get himself and others in trouble.
    Keep knitting, at least you'll have something out of the worry time!
    Its getting cold very quickly here and I envy you coming into spring.

  2. Hi Cathy,
    My heart goes out to you !Both my Parents suffered from Alz. I had both of them here, Lucky I was in my 40s and able to care for them. Its such a painful and wicked illness!
    Glad you're able to knit and do gardening.
    Glad you finally got thru to your Dh.lol Often it takes a bit of time huh?;o)
    Hope you have a great day. Make time for yourself Dear!

  3. Hello Cathy, I just found your blog again (don't know where it disappeared to lol).

    My Mum & Dad always did that and of course from habit so do I but I cannot get hubby to do it he just thinks Im mental.


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