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Monday, October 20, 2008

Its a groaner

A couple of my friends didn't get the joke when I told it to them.

Its a groaner, Look at the words.

It sounds like a couple of old fellas comparing operations - having a circumcions - its not the most comfortable thing for the male species but look at their ages. 5 years old.

The first one says 'I had it done right after I was born, I couldn't walk for a year'.

Of course he couldn't - it usually takes a baby 12 months to learn how to walk.

Nothing to do with the op at all lol


  1. Oh, Wow! Cathy, I just read your comment on my blog "Blabbin' Grammy" and so, I clicked onto the connection and have been reading your wonderful blog! How very interesting it is. I will be returning when I can. I see you have an aunt who has dementia...if I have read it correctly. My husband is in the beginning stages of dementia also and I am sure that although the management right now is not too difficult, I expect it will become worse. I appreciate you visiting my blog. I am quite new at it (only began in June this year) but hope to get better. I will be back. Warmest regards to you!

  2. Well, I thought it was a good joke! Of course he couldn't walk..he was an infant!
    Cheers, Jan

  3. Well, I found myself laughing out loud at this one. It's very interesting, the sense of humor we have. Everyone seems to look at things differently. Funny you should bring this up because over the weekend when I thought I was joking around, two people I know took it seriously and got quite offended. Not my intention but they pounced on me like a couple of rotties - my apologies to the rottie. I was quite shocked at their reaction. A difference in cultures perhaps? Who knows!


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