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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Going cheap

Theres a real b............. of a week in my house going cheap if anyone wants it. Its a week I don't want to repeat in the near future.

I'm not going to dwell on it too much 'cept to say I don't want to see the inside of another nursing home, shovel anymore wood chips or visit the vet again for a while.

Somewhere in Melbourne there has to be a nursing home that doesn't feel like its God's waiting room, somewhere that looks like it cares for its residents.

I would like it to be warm and inviting, not to be sterile or smelly, to give the impression it feels for its residents no matter what state of decline they may be in. Somewhere that provides peace and quiet, reassurance and also stimulation, its out there somewhere.

We have another appointment on Monday and hopefully this will be the one.

I am fed up shifting all that mulch - basically thats it. Dh helps for which I'm grateful but its a big task.

Theres a satifying feeling of watching the pile get lower and the garden beds being covered over which will help if theres no rain during the Summer but my back aches each evening and theres loads more to shift.

I do have plans for a lot of it but the remainder will be heaped behind the garage and left to decompose and then added to the compost slowly. In the meantime its sitting in my driveway and can't just get up and walk round there lol

My Vet or rather my cats' Vet has been a good friend to me and the animals for many years and this week had to pass on some unpleasant news. My darling Leroy has Lung Cancer. When I gather some photos together I'll write a post about him. He is a 16 year old Chocolate Burmese Cat and has lived with us since he was 3 months old.

If your cat has a cough and keeps gagging don't just assume its got a fur ball problem - get it checked out.

Now there has been one good thing happen this week - I'm going on holiday again in November.

Not planned but welcomed.

Dh and I have our birthdays in the same week and the kids have put in and shouted us both a week in Numurkah (northern Victoria) late October early November.

The unit sleeps 6 so our friends from Adelaide (the ones we met up with in Bowwen) are going to drive up and we'll spend some time together, the men are especially looking forward to the week as the nearby golf course gives free rounds for those staying at the resort.

Lots to do before then tho' - physically and emotionally. So I'm off for a bath now.

Nice warm water and some Lectric Soda Crystals will most likely do the trick - (even tho' we have really soft water here in Melbourne I use them in the washing machine as it helps get the clothes cleaner) - and I won't be bent over in the morning.


  1. I know how you feel looking for nursing homes somewhere that feels a bit like a home just like the name sugests would be nice.
    Good Luck Caroline

  2. Hiya - thanks for visiting my blog - I have now been looking at yours! Re Nursing Homes - my brother lives in Melbourne and his wife affectionately known as "Matron" works in care homes which are owned by her mother. My dad is 90 and lives here in the UK in a care home and I have often received good advice from "Matron" as I sometimes get very frustrated with my dad and also the care home!

  3. I hope you have a lovely trip Cathy. Make sure you take plenty of photos.

    Gill in Canada


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