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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Frugal Family Week

Its been a busy week with lots of thrifty things going on as well as family occasions.

We did have 1 hour of rain yesterday and then it stopped - with no more forecast for a few days.

Life is grim some times:(

As I mentioned the other day my cousin and I were due Monday to go and see another aged care facility and this one turned out to be as we hoped it would be. Warm and friendly with 'happy' looking residents.

A Pam is going in today for a fortnight to see how she feels - she has the impression its for a rest but we really hope she likes there and agrees to stay 'cose - as wait for it - she spent most of yesterday in A&E at the local hospital.

She took a tumble at home early yesterday morning and instead of pushing her alarm that hangs round her neck she just lay on the floor so when the personal carer turned up to shower her it was off in the ambulance for xrays and check up.

Its 2pm now and I'm waiting to hear when she will be discharged and then we are taking her over to the Nursing Home and safety.

This is what we have been trying to get through to her about the safety aspect of living on her own so maybe this one time she will see sense and put her unit up for sale.

Enough of my worries - Monday evening Dh and I went to another concert that Shannon was performing in.

School band this time. She's been learning the clarinet this year and loves it.

This certainly has been the year she's blossomed, she's not a girly girl or one of the 'in' crowd at school but loves her music, both singing and playing.

Only managed to get one shot of her stint on stage as that woman in front of me would not keep her head still and I gave up in the end. She's in the front row fourth from the right waiting for her part to start and as it was an early evening performance the kids are still in part of their school uniforms but minus the ties

Click on the photo to enlarge

Frugal days at home meant one day I rummaged through and cleared out all those lost looking veggies from the fridge - we ended up with a marvellous soup.

I actually had visions of another 'stew' appearing that day but didn't defrost the meat in time so parsnip, turnip, swede, carrots, celery, potatoes and half a red pepper made its way in to the pot. I had cooked down and blended a box of tomatoes the other week (one of my $2 finds) and froze it into several amounts so used one of them with water and veg stock powder for the base and just put it on to cook away till soft. Pureed the cooked veg and Voila Lunch................... as enough in the freezer for another day.

Sounds a bit of a mish mash but it really was quite tasty in a wintery veg sort of way.

Friday I made a visit to a local furniture factory for my enormous free bag of wood shavings to use for cat litter in the garage. Not indoors as they spread it all over the place - its much easier to sweep of the concrete floor than off my carpet lol

Saturday morning I scored another bargain $2 box of fruit and veg at the greengrocers.

Nice mangoes and avocadoes (a bit soft) but perfect for a fruit salad that same day, pears, apples, mandarins, big oversized navel oranges, lemons, tiny butter squash and asparagus, yellow beans, potatoes and onions. Not perfect but useable there and then and I certainly used them there and then.

We ate the oranges over the next few days, stewed and froze the pears and apples, sqeezed the lemons and froze the juice (didn't like the look of the skins so didn't grate the rinds) cooked the yellow beans with some green ones for contrast along with the squash and used the potatoes and onions in a shepherd's pie. I actually gave the asparagus away as neither of us like it.

Heres Shannon and her friends at Sofia's (an Italian chain) having a good time last Sunday evening at her birthday dinner. This is where the previous photo was taken.

click to enlarge
Earlier in the afternoon the choir she is associated with had given a concert so I took A Pam along. The mother of my daughter in law came over to say Hello and A Pam asked her if she knew her. She did not recognise Averil, any memory of times they had shared together had gone - all Averil could do was say 'yes they had met before' 'cose Pam had no idea of where or when.
Sad and indicitive of the decline that has come about during this year.
Must go now, will try to be back soon


  1. Hi Cathy,
    Hope things goes well for your Aunt!
    Enjoyed the pix.:o)
    With our economy (U.S.A.) I feel sometimes I've gone beyond being frugal! I try hard to count our Blessins!
    Have a great day!

  2. Cathy I enjoyed your post today. Like you I am trying to save a penny where I can. Tomorrow's (Thursday's) post on my blog deals with that topic.

    Take good care of yourself.


  3. Love your thrifty ways! I am sorry about your Aunt. I hope you can get her living arrangements squared away soon so you can get some peace.
    Cheers. Jan


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