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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

You win some - You lose some

DH says I’ve been a bit negative recently so I’ve been trying to think of quick winning things to say. Lovely day today with only a little rain and not too chilly.

The other day in Jamaica the Australia Cricket Team won the first test in this year’s series against the West Indies - who were once a force to be reckoned with - took them to the last day to do so though. The good thing about cricket is, it is played all over the world so there are high standard games going on somewhere at all times of the year so sports lovers here are able to have the best of both worlds or should I say seasons. Winter season sports and Summer season sports on TV at the same time:)

Collingwood – the AFL team everyone (‘cept their own supporters) loves to hate – brought Geelong’s winning streak to an end at the weekend. They are 2 and 7 on the ladder but as we know anything can happen in the next few weeks

But then on another note if the team I support doesn’t start to win (they are at 14 with 16 teams in the league) I’m thinking of changing my loyalty to another one –our old coach of many many years retired and this young new one is struggling. Oh dear, did I really say that - could I really do that ??

Maybe I’ll give him the benefit of time and see how he goes for the rest of the season. I think it’s going to be an early end of seasons for the Bombers:(

Had to go over to a Kmart store and after returning something and finding a book for a birthday which evened the money out I then lost the battle of the munchies. I hadn’t eaten before I went out which meant I had an empty stomach, which led to potato chips and lollies coming out of the store with me. Well and truly lost my willpower didn’t I?

While I was out I popped into the supermarket for some Vegemite that was on special at $4.98. Good price saving well over a dollar a jar. This supermarket is in a big shopping centre and the checkout girls always seem to be in a hurry, I thought the jar looked different but took no notice until unpacking at home I look at it properly and notice the jar is actually smaller - down from 450gms to 400 gms. Is that a special price or not? I’m too annoyed to work it out.

Driving along on the way home I had to manoeuvre round a long line of cars hanging out of the driveway of the local service station. Then I glanced at the price board and the penny dropped ‘cose today the cost of unleaded petrol/gas was $1.49. Not many days ago it was $1.60. Bet it goes up again overnight. OH dear negative thoughts again lol


  1. I always succumb to the munchies if I haven't eaten before I go out. And I too buy the worst things to eat! I hope you have an easier time with the negative thoughts! It can be a stuggle.

  2. Hi Cathy, thanks for stopping in to my blog! I posted a response to your comment:

    The Mistress of the Moonlight said...
    Isn't that the truth...lol. I have gotten on board with that whole more with less thing. My yard sale was fun! I will be having another one as I empty out the treasure trove of goodies. Good to hear from you again, Cathy! Hope things are going well with you down there. Keep in touch, M

  3. Wish gas was 1.60 here in the U.S. Yesterday it was $3.89. OUCH!


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