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Monday, May 12, 2008

Thats what friends are for

Through Lizzie at Lizzies HOMEworld I found Laura at Move to Portugal. Both these bloggers as well as so many others make me look at where I am going and what I am trying to achieve at this stage of my life.

My lifelong desire has been to be tidy - my 'house' has always been a home and I think thats the problem. Somewhere along the way after our first child was born I think I gave myself permission to be untidy.

If there were toys around during the day it seemed fruitless to clear them up as the kids would only tip them out again. I did get them to help pick up before they toodled off to bed but remember the day they were being obnoxious and I lost my cool and came into the room with the broom - no, not to threaten them with - wooden spoons are for that - and just swept it all into one corner for the night:)

Ironing seemed to grow like topsy out of the basket and up the wall. Shoes multiplied outside the back door, in the hallway, in bedrooms but never in the boxes provided or on the racks. I think you get the idea.

Books seemed to say to one another 'come along to our house, its cosy and comfortable and you'll have a spot here for life' I have always thought having books around would enrich their lives and encourage learning so would bring home from the op shop all sorts of weird ones about snakes and animals from other continents or volcanoes and natural disasters, all were favourites so stayed here for years. Only problem was there weren't enough shelves and they spread out over and under the beds and floors.

Once they grew up and started to leave home and go their own way in the world I thought it would be better 'cept I didn't bank on the craft supplies multiplying and spilling out of cupboards and drawers and on to spare beds:(

So nowadays it always comes back to me being the culprit and having to change my ways.

Guess what - remember my moan in February about a surface in the bedroom - well for the past I don't know how many weeks it has been clear.

Nothing has stayed on there longer than a few seconds until its been put where it belongs. Yah one habit started and not given up on.

A couple of years ago I developed a habit, possibly not liked by some, in that all laundry is put away (well 99% of the time) when dried and aired even if its needs ironed. No more climbing Mt Everest to find a particular blouse.

I don't have much clothing these days that needs ironing so it gets hung up and ironed when needed. Its out of the way and not sitting in a basket getting even more creased. I can then put the basket away under the laundry trough and - get this - know where it is next time theres a load to hang out. Oh the times I used to roam around the house or even the garden looking for the basket 'cose someone used it to carry/move something else.

Today I am going to let go of more memories, I am gifting more books unearthed in a box in the garage, these are going to grandchildren, books on skateboarding, cricket and soccer (from the 1970's) its then their choice if they let them live on their bookshelves or pass them on.

Must go, will talk another day. You know what they say about strike while the iron is hot. Its about to glide over some napkins and a tablecloth that got soiled yesterday and are just about dry.

Maybe I could change to doing all my ironing as things come in off the line - maybe not - that might be pushing it a bit.


  1. I am like you. I thought once the girls left home things would stay neat. I am the clutter. I keep books and knick knats. I am starting to throw or give away to downsize and declutter. I want a nice clean simple house.

  2. My house was tidy until the children could walk (and pick things up & leave them elsewhere). It would be tidy now if I lived here alone (the cats dont make mess but the bird really does) but I do like the noise and laughs you get with a clutch of teenagers. My husband blames me or the kids for all mess when he makes more than any of us! I am getting rid of all the junk I dont want though, so at least cleaning and tidying is easier. I am going to try to follows Lauras advice with my paperwork though. I need something simple enough not to give up on in a couple of weeks.
    I bet your house is lovely though Cathy, just the sort of place that would welcome visitors and not worry if the moved the cushions a bit!

  3. My husband tells me all of the time, I need to get rid of my "junk". Well, it's not junk to me. He has more "junk" that I ever thought of having. So that goes to say, "One person's junk is another person's treasure." So I guess we will both keep what we have and be happy!!! LOL


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