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Monday, May 26, 2008

That was the weekend that was

It was a busy weekend and I had to think about the house and family and not me.

No rain but lots of sunshine so I was able to get some of the heavy as in thick clothes washed and dry on the outside line. The colder days of the past week or so meant we have been wearing windcheaters and tracksuit pants around the house and these are notorious for taking a while to dry.

As I mentioned before we need to have some trees lopped so the man came Saturday to have a look see and give us a quote. It would seem its a lot cheaper to buy a decent chainsaw and do it ourselves but neither of us took tree felling as part of our education so we are going to have to leave the job to the experts. lol

In the end we decided its going to have to wait until September when we get back from our trip - we don't know anyone with wood heating who would take the wood and I don't want it left on the nature strip on theoff chance someone would take it so to keep the cost down they will chip as much as possible (means they don't have to cart so much wood away) and as their machine won't go down the drive into the back garden the pile will have to be on the driveway or the front grass and as I'm not going to have enough time to move it all between chipping and the first week of August when we leave ('cose I have to think about where it can be put to weather for a while) - and as I don't want this huge great pile of wood chips sitting there for weeks on end announcing to the world that no-ones home - its going to have to wait till we get home. Phew did you follow that ??

Had one on the granddaughters here Saturday afternoon for some help with her homework. I come in useful sometimes and she needed - don't laugh - help with a recipe lol

She is in her 2nd year at High School and has grown up so much. As well as her Victorian Girls Choir commitments she is now learning to play the clarinet.

Now we all know and remember the horrors of a child learning to play the recorder - DH use to call it a love thy neighbour I think not , play it at the bottom of the garden instrument - well, she has had none of the squeeky problems with this grown up recorder like instrument and has even joined a little band the new musicians have formed.

Sunday afternoon DH and I went for a drive, just got in the car and drove. After my last post I was a bit wary about how far he wanted to go but he said 'come on, live a little, we shouldn't be stuck indoors on these nice days' so off we went.

We live close to the Yarra Valley and at this time of the year its marvellous with all the autumn foliage so for a couple of hours we tootled about taking it all in - went out to Yarra Glen and down the back way to Healesville - talk about an ulterior motive - there's lots of reconstruction work going on at his golf course at Healesville and we end up driving (very slowly) down some of the roads that back on to it so he can see how the work inside the fence is coming along on the holes that aren't ready to be played on yet.

Dinner was a casserole from the freezer courtesy of my batch cooking the other week with just some added veggies we peeled before we went out.


  1. I need to get some batch cooking done, I have been so remiss these days.
    I love to go on little toots (rides to anywhere) with my husband now and again. Its such fun.

  2. Hi Cathy,
    Sounds like you've been very busy.
    We're going into summer here(U.S.A.)
    Hope you have a great day!


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