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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ready to meet the day

Have felt a lot better this past couple of days. Not so sad. Feel rested and ready to go about my business again.

Yesterday we had a granddaughter for the day, which was fun.

This little one has such definite views on things I ‘m not sure how she will get on in later life. She’s so outspoken at times she shocks people and then other times she’s so meek and mild and proper, almost retiring – last year (aged 8) she wrote a letter to her teacher asking that she not shout in class as it gave her a headache.

At first DH and I laughed at her cheek but then began to wonder about it – why hadn’t she actually spoken to the teacher, was the teacher so hard to approach, will she suffer in silence and then become (like her father) overcome with stress and find life difficult at times?

We visited my Aunt – the one with Alzheimer’s - and took her dog for a walk.

Last time we tried to do this (she and I, that is), the GD who has nothing to do with dogs was petrified as this little Maltese Cavalier Cross dog who would lick you to death frightened the life out of her. He jumped up and down with excitement when the leash was produced so this time I clipped him on whilst she was outside the screen door, then let her inside to talk to him and get used to being with him.

Within 2 minutes of walking up the road she was the one holding the lead and being in charge. Was quite mystified when he kept cocking his leg at the each tree and was disgusted when he did his business, which we had to collect and put in the bin.

Then as we said goodbye I heard her ask if she could come again and take the dog for a walk:)

Home for lunch of roast chicken sandwiches and yogurt and then settled down to watch a movie on TV during the afternoon.

It was the 1949 version of Little Women (with June Allyson and other great actors), which made me feel so happy and yet so sad. I noticed GD's mood change with the different scenes so she was able to pick up the emotions of the actors and feel the storyline although she kept asking why did their house look as tho it was flat. Seems the outside facade of their home didn't look genune to her.

We followed that up with an ABC doco called Australia Land of Parrots.

A repeat of something shown last Sunday evening, a fabulous programme highlighting lots of the parrots living here in Australia. We just sat at marvelled at them all - from the huge Palm Cockatoo down to our native Budgerigar (the same as the little ones we keep as pets in our houses).

lol This time I remembered to put the chicken carcass on the stove and make stock which then went into the freezer later in the day. Stripped all the little bits of meat from the bones and will use that along with other goodies when the soup is made. Oh the times its gone in the bin cose I've forgotten and then kicked myself later:(

Today has been Mother's Day here and this year its been quiet in my home.

One family came to say hello and there were lots of hugs and kisses and I did manage to see another later in the day who had other commitments earlier. during the day I was able to talk to the other 3 families on the phone which was nice.

I don't like the commercialisation of this day and the children are aware of my feelings so there are no huge great gifts like the stores encourage people to buy. Whoever the person is who thinks that Mothers want fridges and washing machines as gifts today must be strange.

One son always go over the top and this year produced a new dressing gown (robe) for me, lovely soft fluffy fabric coloured Pink, totally impractical and for a moment couldn't see the joke when I said it would have to be worn after dark as I couldn't garden in it.

Many times they have turned up and I've been down the bottom of the garden dressed in my nightie or pyjamas and dressing gown.

Well you know how it is some nice mornings - you pop out ot the bin or to hang washing on the line and you get sidetracked and theres half the morning gone.

Well thats how it is in my house - isn't it the same in yours ?:)


  1. Hahahahah. I, too, go out before getting 'properly' dressed! After all the day is fleeting by and who cares.
    Having 6 kids means the phone has been ringing since 7AM. Each in their own way has made this day very special for me. And best of all it is very quiet here today so I can do just what I please!

  2. Cathy, you made me smile this morning. I have pulled weeds in my PJ's more times than I can count. It just comfortable.
    But yesterday I really got embarrased. I was changing clothes in my bedroom and my husband called for me in the living room. I wasn't in my birthday suit, but had on the two garments that you put on first. (so it was ALMOST like being in my birthday suit) I came down the hall to answer his call and about the time I passed the front door (which was open) our neighbor (a man) knocked on the door. OOPS! you should have seen me scurring back down that hallway. I don't know if he saw me or not, but it seemed he had a slight smile on his face when I came back into the room. I will be more careful from now on, when I pass that door!!!! LOL

  3. Good morning, I'm glad you are feeling better. Have a good week. Interesting to read about your grand daughter and dogs. My children would love a dog. I've told my daughter "when You're seven". She's been waiting for 2 years now and it's almost time!

  4. Stopping in to say hi & let you know my blog change to

    Happy Mother's Day!


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