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Monday, May 5, 2008

Quiet Day

Today I did some mending.

I was able to sit by the heater this afternoon and sew several missing buttons on to several pairs of pyjamas.

All snug as a bug they were when I discovered them in a drawer the week we did the carpet ......................... in a little tiny plastic bag ready to be reunited with their garments.

I do remember that each time I found one in the washing machine it was put into that little bag and then I must have put it inside the drawer and forgotten where it was, which lately is not an uncommon occurrence for me :(

Their discovery was quite timely as they were off several pairs of pyjamas that I have been wanting to wear seeing as how the nights have got cooler and there were sticky out parts of my exterior that were getting cooler each time I put them on lol

Well today I finally got that job out of the way – can’t complain about my whatsits hanging out during the night now :)

The other day Clara asked what I was knitting.

This little sleeveless jacket comes from an old Hayfield pattern book I've had in my collection for many years.

Hayfield Makes Prettier Babies 7061

Its knitted in DK/8ply so with only a back and 2 fronts they are very simple, quick and quite easy to. As a little cover up they are easy to put on and not too bulky for babies to wear.

I make a lot of them for a charity stall and always seem to have one on the go; and like lots of knitters I take a bit of poetic licence and alter things here and there.

Using the same sizing (about 12 months) I make them with various patterns - moss, cable, broken rib, fishermans rib, depending on what colour the wool is. Lacy bits for girls or with little motifs for boys. They also look nice with simple stripes or a band of fair isle near the bottom . Most of the wool I use has been donated and to save on cost I only use 2 buttons - one just below and one on the neckline.

As I've got several on the needles at the moment I'll try to remember to take a photo when they are all finished and ready to go.


  1. Oh, that is pretty! I love to knit baby things. Thanks for showing us what you have on your needles.
    I just bought a license plate for the front of my car that says "License to Knit".

  2. Oh I just love the sleeveless knit. Would love to have one in my size! My back is always cold.
    But, alas I don't knit.
    On the picture I had on my blog...that is a porcupine, and a rather big one at that.
    Cheers, Jan


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