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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Moonlight becomes you

There is a marvellous full moon outside tonight along with a very clear sky.

It seem like every star in the sky is visible and the forecast is for a chilly (COLD to us) 2c/36f overnight so I think I’ll be putting a hottie in the bed to take the chill off before I get in. Today was great, some sunshine, no rain and fine enough to get the washing dry outside.

Did any of you learn a poem at school by Walter De La Mare called Silver?

Each time we have a full moon in the cooler months and everything has an eerie look about it after dark this poem always comes to mind.

We had to learn it well enough to recite in class but now I can only remember the first two lines, however thanks to our trusty friend the Internet here it is - and I wonder why I’ve never searched for it before :(.

Slowly, silently, now the moon
Walks the night in her silver shoon;
This way, and that, she peers and sees
Silver fruit upon silver trees;
One by one the casements catch
Her beams beneath the silvery thatch;
Couched in his kennel, like a log,
With paws of silver sleeps the dog;
From their shadowy cote the white breast peep
O f doves in a silver-feathered sleep;
A harvest mouse goes scampering by,
With silver claws, and silver eye;
And moveless fish in the water gleam,
By silver reeds in a silver stream.

Walter De La Mare (1873 - 1953)

It all came back as I read it, standing there in the class room and feeling quite confident, as I knew every line. I never ever did well at written exams but sailed through anything oral. That’s me – never have trouble talking lol

Thanks to a local shop NQR we had some fabulous Pumpkin soup for dinner this evening. They have been selling local produce that growers were having to dump because the buyers they were supplying deemed them ‘not right. Too big, too small, maybe damaged in some way but as far as taste is concerned quite ok. Butternut pumpkins were going for $1 each so I couldn’t walk away could I? When we are on a roll I keep going and there’s been more cooking going on in the kitchen.

I know it’s easy to make soup (for some people) but for me to begin with I need something to follow. Consulted one of my many recently discovered lurking on a shelf in the laundry cook books and found a really easy recipe in one of Annette Sym’s books. Symply Too Good To Be True Book 1.

Put Pumpkin, onions, carrots, chicken stock, nutmeg, salt, pepper and water in a saucepan, bring to boil, cook till tender and then puree. Fantabulous taste with a bonus of enough for 2 more meals in the freezer - makes me wonder why I went off cooking?

I have some more of that stewing beef cooking away in the crockpot. This time along with the onions and garlic there is some turnip, parsnip, swede and carrot. A tin of tomatoes as well as Thyme and Oregano to flavour. More winter comfort food coming up.


  1. Hi,
    What a fun post:o)
    The soup sounds yummy.
    Here we are in spring.I look forward to so many fresh fruits and veggies to can and freeze as well as cook.
    Have a great day.

  2. that pumpkin soup sounds good. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Glad to hear your cooking again Cathy.
    I have been meaning to try that Pumpkin Soup from Annette's book...must go to the Farmers Market and buy a whole Pumpkin first. :-)

    Have a great day!


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