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Sunday, May 25, 2008

I wonder if this will happen in Australia

As this article in The Age states the cost of petrol/gas here in Australia has risen quite substantially recently and even though we seem to be having a hard time of it compared to other countries we now have to ‘think’ about whether our journeys are really necessary. If I can share my reasons for driving I will, meaning I’ll plot my drive to include various stopping off places along the way there and back. It's good for my bank balance and also for the environment.

The price boards outside the service stations here have various prices on them and if we shop at certain supermarkets we can use percentage off dockets at their service stations and get it at a reduced rate. These boards have the regular cost and also the discount cost but on reading this article at beingfrugal.net it seems motorist in some states in the USA have something else to worry about in regards to the price of their fuel.

Here in Australia there are some shops and companies that charge an extra percentage for credit card purchases but I don't think its reached the oil companies yet. I'd hate to have to carry cash around in the car just in case my service station decided to charge extra if I paid by credit card.


  1. Hi Cathy,
    Our fuel is almost $4 per gallon.News said $6-$8 per gal by summers end.Cost to transport is up and groceries everything but pay check are UP,Up,Up!
    Have a great wk.
    Blessins', Lib

  2. Hi Cathy
    Our fuel is £1.09 per litre at the moment. You dont often have to pay extra for credit card use here but sometimes you do. Using a debit card is still free though, which is slightly less risky than pockets of cash.
    I have to say that fuel at this price does make you really think whether you need a journey. That isn;t all togther bad though. Worse though is the effect it is having on all of the other prices. We can manage as individuals but so many businesses will go out of business.
    On that happy note.....
    Have a good week Cathy


  3. We paid $4.11 this past week. Dh & I are talking about over the summer school break, I will drive him to & from work to save on gas.


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