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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Eye opening time again

Remember my amazement at the cost of a cup of coffee in March last year last well this morning I had my eyes opened again.

My aunt’s dog is getting on the old side and ‘leaked’ a little on the bed so she asked if I could take it to the dry cleaners.

I’ve got a similar one from the same company and knew it could be washed so she was happy with that that but when I got up this morning the sky was foggy and very damp and drizzly reminding me of England on a grey winter’s day 'cept for one thing - it wasn’t as cold and miserable as that.

Now this is a only a cotton/polyester bedspread similar to the one at this web site and the one pictured below, the top is lightly quilted and it has a gathered skirt of the same material. So knowing it wouldn’t stand a chance of drying out on the line today I changed my mind and called into the dry cleaners on my way out.

Well was I in for a shock.

Au$30 – nearly 15 UK pounds – nearly 29 US dollars. !!

Now I realise it’s a while since I actually had anything dry cleaned – no dressy work clothes these days and I look at the labels of any new clothes to make sure they are washable – but as I say I was taken aback by the price he quoted.

So after I’d picked myself up off the floor and said no thanks I put it back in the boot of the car and went on my way thinking what a rip off that was.

Its now out on my covered back deck draped over my big clotheshorse and a couple of the garden chairs, all nice and clean after taking a turn in my washing machine. I’ll bring it in later when the heater geets turned on and I bet it will be nice and dry by the morning.


  1. oh my, I haven't used the dry cleaner for years. But I do notice sticker shock regularly.
    We stopped buying take out pizza a couple of years ago because it takes a half hour to fetch it. (and I made an awesome pizza)Last night I was feeling particular lazy so DH offered to get one. It was pricey, rather cool and not as good as I remember!
    Have a good day.

  2. Hi Cathy
    I always wash 'dry clean' items on delicate. $30 is more like i would pay for a new qult not to clean one!



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